The perfect Match-Bullets for my LP-50

Discussion in 'Steyr Airguns' started by Air, Apr 24, 2011.

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    I shoot approx 200 bullets every day with my Steyr LP-50, and im looking for the perfect bullets - in magazine-fit and price.

    Until now i`ve been using theese (Thumbnail), and they are very advanced and expensive. I belive only a world-champ will know the difference between theese bullets and some less expensive one`s....and i guess it will take me a billion bullets to get there..:p
    The perfect diameter-fit for my Steyr-magazines is 4.48mm, but 4.49mm i okey.

    Please, if someone can help me, it would be much appreciated:)

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    Hi there!
    It sounds like you are very committed to shooting. I think that once you've found a pellet that works in your pistol, stick with it, but the best training that I've done was dry firing. I have an LP-1 and haven't shot an lp-50, but I assume that it has a dry-fire mechanism. If it does, use it. A good training regimen to consider is to dry-fire more than you live fire.
    I used to dry fire my steyr minimum 1 hour a day and it really paid off. And besides, you don't spend so much money on pellets. When I got to the top 10 % nationwide, then I cared about pellet diameter.
    Just my 2 cents...

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    Hello and thank you!

    I've just started dry-fire-training, and I have to agree. The thing I've been having most difficulties with is the second after I've pulled the trigger, nomatter how weird it sounds. I do a slight twitch with my hand, and dry-firing is the best way to get rid of this problem I believe.
    I cannot get a higher score before I handle this properly.

    The reason for finding "the pellet", is the accuracy of Steyr-magazines. I find a big difference from 4.48mm-4.50mm simply in the way they fit. I have to use slight force to get them 4.50mm all the way in, so I don't dare to use them. I actually got the mag stuck once, and I don't want that to happen again:)
    As u say, there is no reason thinking about hit-spread from different quality of pellets before I get reeally good:)

    The LP-1 is a very good air-pistol:)
    Did u quit?

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    Right that's it then its dry firing every day for me !