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    Click here to view the official FAQ.

    We need a new Steyr FAQ. I've started something with a little help from the Walther P99 guys. Help us out. If you know the answer to any of the questions, cut and paste just the question/s you are answering followed by the answer.

    If you have a suggestion for a new question, post that also with the answer.

    I was going to tackle this myself, but I think our end product will be better and more comprehensive as a group effort. I will be collecting the answers into a .doc file that will be converted to our FAQ module.

    Steyr FAQ

    I - Models and Calibers
    3. Can I buy a custom or match barrel for my Steyr?
    4. Is the Steyr available in other calibers? Are any interchangeable?
    5. Is there a .22LR conversion unit for the Steyr?

    II - Safeties
    1. How many safeties does a Steyr have?

    III - Magazines
    1. Are Steyr magazines drop-free?
    2. Which magazines are interchangable?
    3. Where can I order spare factory magazines?
    4. Are pre-ban full-capacity magazines available for the Steyr?

    IV - Markings
    1. Where is the serial number located on Steyr pistols?
    2. What importer markings have been used for the STEYR?
    3. What do the various proofmarks on the STEYR mean?

    V - Recoil Assemblies
    1. Do all Steyr’s share the same recoil spring?
    2. Is there a metal recoil rod available for the Steyr?
    3. Are there aftermarket recoil assemblies available for the Steyr?

    VI - Sights
    1. How do I line up my Trapezoidal sights?
    2. How do I remove the rear sight?
    3. What brand of night sights are available for my Steyr?

    VII - Triggers
    1. Is my Steyr a Double-action or Single–action?
    2. Can I modify my trigger to make it lighter/harder/smoother?

    VIII - Variations
    1. What finishes are available for the STEYR?
    2. What changes were made for the A01 versions?

    IX - General Questions
    1. Who is currently importing Steyr’s into the US?
    2. How much lubrication is required for Steyr’s?
    3. When was my STEYR manufactured?
    4. To what extent can I break-down my Steyr?
    5. How many parts are there in a STEYR?
    6. Can I safely dry-fire my Steyr without snap caps or dummy rounds?
    8. I heard that the Steyr slide and barrel are tennifer-treated, like Glocks. Is this true?
    9. What automatic safety mechanisms are included in the Steyr?
    11. Is it safe to use Gun Scrubber on the polymer frame of my Steyr?
    12. Who designed the Steyr pistols?
    13. Where can I order Steyr parts and accessories?
    14. How durable is the Steyr?

    X - Troubleshooting

    XI - More Information
    1. Are there any STEYR brochures available?

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    2. Can I shoot lead bullets in my Steyr?

    Yes you can! Some other pistols use a different type of rifling that can become fouled by lead. Steyrs use standard rifling that is not susceptable to this. Shoot away!

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    1.) Modern Steyr M series Pistols are represented as follows:

    M series:

    The M series is also known as the "full-size" Steyr. General information for the M series is as follows:

    Type: Double Action (Reset Action System)
    Chamber(Calibers): .40 S&W, 9x19mm Para, 9X21, .357 SIG
    Weight unloaded: 780g
    Length X Height X Width: 180x130x30 mm
    Barrel Length: 102 mm
    Capacity: 12+1 rounds (.40 & .357) or 14+1 rounds (9mm)

    The M series is currently going through a revitalization and is being produced as the MA1 series of pistols (the older M series pistol is now out of production).

    The difference in the older model M series and the later model MA1 series is that the newer model features:

    -the grip of the pistol has been redesigned with some textured surface and a redesigned magazine well
    -the ergonomics have been changed slightly
    -there is now a choice of whether you get a manual safety or not
    -there is now a universal rail system built into the front of the polymer frame below the barrel.

    The MA1 series also has slightly different technical data in the following catagories:

    Weight unloaded: 766g
    Length X Height X Width: 183x130x30 mm

    The following website has excellent pictures and historical information regarding the M series:

    Here are pictures of all the currently offered models M, MA1, and S via the Steyr Mannlicher website:

    MA1 series: ... _er_Bg.jpg

    M series:

    S series:
    Anyone feel free to add of subtract from this as they see fit.[/i]

    -from WorldPax-***Great Post!!!***
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    III Magazines - Can the S9 use M9 magazines?

    5. Can the S9 Compact use M9 magazines?

    M9 magazines can be used in the S9. However the S9 magazines can not be used in the m9.
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    1.) Modern Steyr S Series Pistols are represented as follows:

    S series:

    The S series is also known as the "compact" Steyr. General information for the S series is as follows:

    Type: Double Action (Reset Action System)
    Chamber(Calibers): .40 S&W, 9x19mm Para
    Weight unloaded: 645g
    Length X Height X Width: 170x117x30 mm
    Barrel Length: 91 mm
    Capacity: [ Officially10+1 rounds (.40) or 10+1 rounds (9mm) ]
    [Modfied S40 Mags allow for a reported 12+1 round of 9mm]

    It remains speculation as to whether Steyr will release a hypothetical, newly designed SA1 series.

    Anyone feel free to add of subtract from this as they see fit.
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    XI - More Information
    2.)Are there any STEYR manuals available online?

    There is a PDF manual for the M series of Steyr pistols availible right here at in our downloads section.
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    1.I just bought a STEYR in 9mm and it ejects the casings straight back at me?

    This is a somewhat common occurrence with new Steyrs. All that have had this problem reported that it went away after 2-300 rounds. I suggest wearing a cap until then.

    7. Do Steyr holsters fit both calibers?

    Yes, dimensionally the 9mm/.40 cal. pistols are no different. However, holsters made for the S-series may require modification to fit an M-series.

    10. Does the Steyr have a loaded chamber indicator?

    Yes, it is on the back of the slide. It is a small bump, flush with the back of the slide. When the chamber is loaded the bump is visibly raised.
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    This should be a sticky. :)
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    II - Safeties
    1. How many safeties does a Steyr have?

    A Steyr has three mechanical safeties.

    The Trigger Safety


    1.) The raised bar in the center of the trigger is known as the trigger safety. This keeps the pistol from being pulled by an inadvertent off-angle trigger pull. That is, the gun will fire if the trigger safety is pressed into the trigger and the trigger subsequently pulled back.

    The Manual Safety


    2.) The manual safety is the small tab which, when activated, is lowered in front of the trigger and displays a small white dot. This indicates that the pistol is currently incapable of being fired. The manual safety is deactivated by pushing the bar up and into the pistol's frame, thus allowing the trigger to be pulled back and the weapon fired.

    The Key Lock Mechanism


    3.)The locking mechanism is located above the trigger area of the pistol and is characterized by a small circular plate with two holes in it (in the LE version of the pistols there is a handcuff key hole instead of the two small holes). This mechanism is safed and readied by using the key included with all modern Steyr pistols. When locked, this mechanism keeps the gun from firing, as well as being disassembled. The normal keys for this mechanism are notoriously flimsy.

    Last and not least is the best safety that the Steyr has (and all pistols have) is you, the shooter. Never, ever, ever place your finger within the triggerguard until you are ready to fire at a target, whether it be for sport or in self defense. In the words of a wise sage, "Keep your booger-hook off of the bang-switch." Stay safe!
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    Ok, I am brand new to steyr. A friend told me that the S40 ten-round mag will work in the S9, and that 12 9mm rounds will fit -and work- in this S40 Mag. Is this true?
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    yes it will work, IF you properly bend in the feed lips to match the 9mm casing.
    Others have done this and can give their methods and measurments.

    or do a search on "modified magazines)
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    Would the magazine, slide, barrel and other components of the M-A1 fit to the M9? Example: If I have to replace the barrel or slide or magazine of my M9, could I use the M-A1's instead?
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    The differences are cosmetic, with the exception of some minor changes to the extractor assembly. These changes are a rounded edge to the plunger rather than a bevel. The extractor may have been improved. But the parts all interchange.
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    I #4 Is the Steyr available in other calibers?

    (Accidentally posted as new topic...DOH!)

    Spoke with Jack(SAI) today and asked about barrels and conversion kits.

    The change from .40/357SIG to 9mm(or vice versa) is not just changing the barrel out. It involves replacing the extractor and some other parts that will need to be performed by a gunsmith. At present, the stock of barrels and conversion kits were all purchased by Davidson's in Phoenix. They are a distributor and only deal with other shops. Their contact number is 1-800-367-4867
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    How-D, one for the FAQ.

    Why has Steyr had 3 importers in 5 years (according to Franklin's of Athens, GA)?

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    in the past, steyr has been very slow to send parts to the states. this left the importers in a lurch. they had customers (and armorers) who needed parts for repairs and maintenance and the importer could not help them.

    now that SAI is here parts have enjoyed much more availability. we still can't stock up on spares because sai will only sell parts to gunsmiths for repairs the smith intends to perform. however, at present ANY part is available in the event it is needed.

    it is hoped, (and i personally have campaigned) that small and easily lost parts will be made available for owners to have a spares kit.

    simple parts like the key lock and spring, extractor assemblies, the slide plate retaining pin and spring.

    that one need suffer the inconvenience of waiting for one of these parts to become lost to order a replacement is somewhat ludicrous. it bears no reflection on SAI. they simply don't have enough parts in stock for everyone to order a spare everything.

    however, it seems reasonable that someone could have a range day ruined if they lost their extractor spring the day before they intended to go.

    as i understand business, you make a product to sell it. once the main product has been sold, you continue making money by selling spare parts. not that every owner buying inexpensive spare parts would make steyr's coffers over-flow, but considering they already have the tooling, R+D, and initial sale done... why they don't flood the market with spare parts widely available at reasonable retail prices truly stumps me.
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    Also worth mentioning, Steyr Arms Inc. has been doing well now for a comfortable amount of time and Austria confirms they have no plans to drop the US market in the foreseeable future. I would not be surprised, however, if we gained one or two more importers in the future...
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    I can not open the FAQ link, any ideas? It also seems links to other threads are broken.
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