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Can the S9 hold more rounds than 10? The M9 and C9 can hold 17 rds, but they only appear to be 3/4 of an inch longer for grip length than the S9, does Steyr plan on making a higher round count magazine? Looking at my S9's magazine it almost looks like 1/2 of the mag is not being utilized.

The clicking in and out of battery when the gun is chambered or when the trigger is set, has it been determined as to what is officially causing this? Is there an official remedy to this.

Some of Big Tacos aftermarket parts, are they worth looking into, if so which ones? What is the advantage of a new guide rod or plunger for the striker spring. Can anyone provide first hand info to the BT upgrades and how it helped their personal firearm?

The ejector and ejector spring seems to be a hot topic, I believe I have 1 of the new generation Steyr's is it recommended that I still replace the ejector spring with a spring from a 1911?

What was the point of the roll pin being added to the newer model Steyr's?

I am sure I will have more questions over time and I immediately saw why this firearm is like an undiscovered gem, my final head over heels will come when I finally get to fire it.
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