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Note: I also posted a this as a "review" but the formatting of the reviews sucks ... so its going to be difficult to read there

Okay this is LONG overdue, but I just have not been able to get to the range as much as I'd like.

I was finally able to take this bad boy out to the range and put about 300 rounds through it.

The Good:

Reliable ... not one single failure of any kind all day ... every time I pulled the trigger it went bang (except when it was empty ... which seems to happen faster then when shooting my M40 as a pistol :p )

Reasonably accurate ... aside from shooting low, it does hold decent sized groups ... probably better then I could do at 25 yards in pistol configuration (but not as well as I can do with an AR-15).

Recoil? whassat? ... less recoil then a 16" AR-15 ... and this is .40S&W

Fun ... this thing is sure to bring a smile to anyones face. :)

Cool Factor ... got lots of looks and questions ... yeah its kinda silly but most real cool stuff is ;)

The Bad:

Shoots low ... way low ... about 10"-12" lower then POA at 25 yards. An optics mount with some sort of optics on it is just a must (so you can adjust the POA up). Boy I wish I could shoot this thing with the pistol barrel in place without running afoul of the law :(

PITA to clean ... have to take it apart with the little allen wrench ... I can see myself stripping out the head of the allen headed set screw after a few dozen cleanings. Plus lots of copper fouling in the "Impulse Chamber" so it takes a little extra scrubbing with the brush (but frankly I'm nitpicking). Again, I wish I could shoot this thing with the pistol barrel in place without running afoul of the law :(

Costs more to shoot I went through more ammo in less time then I ever have with a handgun ... its worse then going to the range with an AR :p

So now I have to get my hands on an optics mount and some sort of scope (maybe a red dot).

That or I need to just pony up the $200 and register the darn thing with the BATFE as an SBR :p

and for the optics mount: ... cts_id=103

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Very cool review, Z...
Curious, how long of a barrel did you get? What's the front grip like? Any pix? What's IGB like to work with? What was your total cost? Talk about 'looks and questions... 8)

Thanks for the insight...

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I got a 16" barrel (a shorter one would still have to be registered as an SBR).

There is no forward grip, you grip it pretty much the same as you would without the stock (and frankly the stock is pretty long, so a forward grip would probably feel a little weird)

The total cost was $440.92.

Of course that was what it was back in December ... exchange rates will change the current price (IGB prices everything in Euros)

IGB was great to work with, they responded to my every email and where very helpful.

Took a while to get here because they didn't have one in stock when I ordered and had to make one (that and the Christmas holiday got in the way).

[click here for pic]

Thanks for the report, I remember when you posted about this on GT a while back.

That is really an interesting setup and does look like fun. It would be neat to see what velocity you are getting with that long barrel. With some Doubletap .40 S&W loads it would probably be pretty hot.

$440 is a bit steep for me though, especially if it's not working quite right (shooting low that much).

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