The End of Front Sight!!!!!

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    So I just received an Email from Dr Piaza or in my friend of circles he is known as Pizza-Boy. Anyhow His latest scam is to charge you a $500 and soon to be $1000 transfer fee for all of your To Be Determined memberships that you may have stocked up from all his "other deals" I confirmed this BAIT AND SWITCH with the front office myself no more than 5 minutes ago. It appears that Front Sight is going to be closing its doors soon. Any attorneys out there would have no problems proving this guy SCAMMED thousands of us! I predict a lawsuit shortly!

    Any thoughts? I am out 9 memberships now... unless one of you wants one...

    Here is the email:
    Wednesday, May 1, 2013

    We currently have over 100,000 lifetime members.

    You may be one of the members who have "To Be Determined" memberships that you have not yet assigned.

    You may also be a lifetime member who, for whatever reason, no longer uses your membership to attend courses and would like to assign it to someone who would take full advantage of it.

    So as an added benefit FOR ALL MEMBERS, as of May 1, 2013 I am making ALL MEMBERSHIPS TRANSFERABLE AT ANY TIME.

    This means that if you have already taken as many courses as you want, or you have reached an age where your health prevents you from attending, or you have relocated to a region of the country which makes the cost of traveling to Front Sight outside of your budget, or ANY OTHER REASON that creates a need to sell or transfer your membership on to someone who can use it, you can now sell or transfer your membership!

    And after the person you sold or transferred your membership to has taken as many courses as he or she wants to take, that person can then sell or transfer their membership to someone else!

    THIS IS A HUGE MEMBERSHIP BENEFIT because it opens up your ability to sell or transfer lifetime memberships to anyone, who can then use the membership to get trained and that person can then sell or transfer the membership to someone else to get trained!

    This benefit alone will expand the marketability of the memberships to the largest and fastest growing segment of the population who need the ability to protect themselves as much, if not more, than anyone... senior citizens.

    For years, senior citizens have wanted to take advantage of our lifetime membership programs but have been reluctant to purchase a "lifetime" of training when already in their twilight years. They felt they could never get their use out of paying for a lifetime of training. Well, now they can either purchase your personal lifetime membership or one of your "To Be Determined" lifetime memberships and after they have taken a many courses as they wish, can sell or transfer it to another responsible American.

    In this manner, we rapidly multiply the number of people who now have access to our training and like you, will become part of Front Sight's ever expanding number of responsible Americans who are not only trained to levels that exceed the law enforcement and military community, but also stand ready for the next gun control battle by forwarding our message throughout America via phone calls, letters, and e-mails.

    So whether you are ready to sell or transfer your personal membership or have "To Be Determined" memberships you would like to sell or transfer, my new policy as of May 1, 2013 making ALL MEMBERSHIPS TRANSFERABLE AT ANY TIME makes your membership(s) much more valuable and an easier sell because the person you sell or transfer to can take as much training as their membership offers and then they can sell or transfer it to someone else!

    Now to make this new policy easy and effective to implement, we have created an automatic, online transfer procedure.

    If you are selling or transferring your personal membership or one of your "To Be Determined" Memberships simply sign in to and click on the "Membership Mgmt." tab, then simply follow the directions to complete the online information and have the BUYER of your membership pay the $495 transfer fee (or have the Buyer pay YOU the transfer fee in cash and use your Front Sight Credits to pay the transfer fee so you are converting your Front Sight Credits to CASH!) and the transfer is completed immediately!

    We will then mail the membership materials to the new member.

    This new policy is designed to make it very easy for you to sell or transfer your personal membership or "To Be Determined" memberships you may be holding because now the purchaser of your membership also has the ability to sell it to recoup their costs when they have had enough training. This increases the value of your membership to the purchaser because they can always get their money out of the membership when they are ready to transfer it to another responsible American who needs and wants our training.

    This new policy is also designed to reward you for your participation in all of our previous membership offers that resulted in you accumulating Front Sight Credits. You can now convert your Front Sight Credits to CASH by having the Buyer of your membership pay YOU the transfer fee and you then use your credits to cover the transfer fee.

    This new policy is also designed to RAPIDLY increase the number of new, responsible Americans who will now have access to our courses through the purchasing of your personal membership or one of your "To Be Determined" memberships.

    This new policy is also designed to create an ongoing flow of revenue to Front Sight through membership transfer paid by the buyers of your memberships to cover the costs of our facility expansion as well as ongoing maintenance of the facility so Front Sight will continue to grow and prosper long after you and I are gone.

    I want Front Sight training your grandchildren's children!

    So take advantage of this extremely valuable new membership benefit and assist us in expanding Front Sight's facilities and active membership!

    NOTE: If your membership is Willable (designated by the letter W in the membership number) when you transfer it, there is NO transfer fee.

    Selling or transferring your personal membership will remove you as a lifetime member, but you will always remain part of the Front Sight organization. You will still receive all our communications and you will still be welcome to attend courses using appropriate certificates, special course offers or simply pay as you go.

    FURTHER NOTE: The transfer fee paid by the BUYER is currently set at $495 for the next 30 days. After June 1, 2013 the transfer fee will increase to $1,000 or more so go out and get your membership(s) sold or transferred in the next 30 days before the transfer fee increases.

    Didn't take advantage of the multiple opportunities I gave you to get Front Sight Credits?

    Now that you see how I am making it easier for you to sell or transfer your personal membership or "To Be Determined" and how you can convert Front Sight Credits to CASH by paying the membership transfer with your credits and collecting the transfer fee in cash from your buyer, I will leave the Front Sight Credits page open for a few more days.

    Go here to grab as many Front Sight Credits as you can while securing as many course certificates and memberships for future transfer before I remove your ability to purchase any more Front Sight credits Don't hesitate or procrastinate because it will cost you a 3:1 return in Front Sight Credits!


    Ignatius Piazza
    Founder and Director
    Front Sight Firearms Training Institute
    7975 Cameron Drive, #900
    Windsor, CA 95492
    [email protected]
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    O.K. Got to say it. Have you ever seen, "The Survivors." 1983