"The Card" has arrived!

Discussion in 'Carry Issues' started by hihoslva, Apr 6, 2005.

  1. hihoslva

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    Yes, I am now an official CCW permit holder. Arrived today - a little over two weeks after I submitted my paperwork.

    I'm a little relieved - I have been arrested once. There was an oddball bench warrant for an unpaid parking ticket in a village near where I used to live. For some reason, the warrant looked serious on the officer's computer; he had pulled me over for speeding, saw this unfamiliar warrant code and took me in.

    He actually apologized after I went through the whole process, once he (and I!) found out what the warrant was really for.

    But I was fingerprinted, so I worried that dumb crap would come back to haunt me on the CCW application, even though it was nothing serious.

    Guess not. Whew.

    Hope CompTac gets on making those Steyr holsters soon - now that I really need one.

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    Awesome! Now, if only my card came in. :wink:
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    Congrats! Carry wisely and safely my friend. May you never need to draw your weapon.

  5. FlaChef

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    WOOHOO mine came in today!!

    No sign of the wifes even though she mailed hers a week before mine (i waited to get in and do the electronic fingerprinting and she just sent in the card).

    Problem is both my street name and lastname are both misspelled by one letter each!

    Should I call them and ask for a new one, or will they have to maybe do a new background check, etc. ? I checked the verification I got from the electronic fingerprint scan, and it shows both spelled correctly.

    Am i legal to carry in the mean time?
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    Some guys have ALL the luck! :cry:

    Well, it looks like I still have another 30 days before the 45 day deadline is up.
  7. hihoslva

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    Chef - if they issued it and your info is spelled wrong, I wouldn't worry about it.

    If you submitted it with improper info, I think that can be a problem; can cause delays, or even cause a rejection of the application - at least in this state.

    But if you've got the permit now, I wouldn't worry too much about misspellings.

    My $.02
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    Congrats on joining the CCW club.
  9. FlaChef

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    Ok just got of the phone w/ state.
    they will issue a new licsence w/ the typos corrected, i should get it in 2-3 weeks.
    my liscence is still valid to use untill the corrected one comes.
  10. Deluxe247

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    Me Too!

    Got mine today! Only 8 weeks (instead of the 12 they told me.) I feel so "official" now. No more talking about carrying, I can actually do it. :D