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It was a bit more than two years ago that I decided to do some shooting again. I had not fired a pistol since Air Force basic training years and years....ok, ok, ok....DECADES ago. I owned two Smith & Wesson .38's, a near new model 67 (that I had bought on a whim in 1979 and never fired) and a Model 10 that I had bought in 1971 to teach my wife how to use when we were concerned about a prowler in the neighborhood. That pistol had a total of eleven rounds through it from new and I still had the two boxes of ammo I bought when I got it in Tampa, Florida.

But I decided I wanted an an auto pistol because they're easier to carry concealed or otherwise than a wheel gun. I was so long out of the mix of this sport that I had an enormous hill to climb, learning everything I could about hand guns now.

I was seduced by the idea of the Steyr. The information I could get from the Internet and other reading indicated the Steyr was a finely made, accurate pistol. It took some time but eventually I got my head around the idea of buying a plastic pistol that had no active safety or decocker. Finally, I worked around the decision-making process and decided that since I wanted a pistol that would be easily carried both open and concealed, I chose the S model in .40 caliber.

Now here in Maine the chances of finding one in a gun shop to hold are slim and none usually, although in a gun shop in Bangor I did get to see and feel a CA-9 they had special ordered for a customer.

Perusing Gunbroker I came across a shop in Alabama that listed Steyr SA pistols for sale, new in the box, for an unimaginable price. MSRP was $560. The Gunbroker price was $349.00. There's gotta be something wrong, right? So I waited a while and watched.

In the end I bought and paid for it on October 2nd and on Saturday the 7th I picked it up at my FFL in Bucksport, Maine. From Alabama to eastern Maine shipping was lightning quick. The pistol 100% as advertised new: my FFL said I got a "steal".

My telephone conversations with the shop were professional and the entire transaction a pleasure. Great price and service, so I highly recommend Scott's Jewelry and Pawn in Alabaster, Alabama.
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