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The AUG is dead!!

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Lots of talk for about a month regarding a possible US made AUG. Now not a peep. Heard words of civil unrest over at Steyr in Georgia. Have to tell you guys, I don't think these guys could tie their own shoe laces if they tried. I'm a huge AUG fan but are days are numbered. Collect all the barrels and parts you can cause what you see is what you got.
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Impact Guns is still advertising sale of the AUG A-3 in 2006 and taking advance orders as you read this. I think the AUG is going to be huge in 2006.
Impact Guns advertises a lot of stuff that they don't have / can't get in stock. Their customer service has been going downhill for a bit now. I quit buying anything from them.

I believe that the U.S. AUG is a stillborn project.


I was really holding out against hope and trying to think positive thoughts, but the nah sayers are right the AUG A-3 is not going to make it into the hands of civilians anytime soon from the look of things. Impact arms was only place I coud find posting the AUG as a deposit soon to come weapon and now its no where to be found on their website. Guess they put it up to try and talk Steyr into forming a partnership with a US company to produce the weapons domestic, but didn't work out.

SAD, SAD day...the best I can ever hope to do would be a pre-ban AUG selling now $3,500.00 and up with some as high as $5,000.00. So, I'm holding a funeral for my AUG A-3 hopes.

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