Thank You All, My M9 Now Works Great!

Discussion in 'M, C, L and S Series' started by Guest, Jul 9, 2005.

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    My first post but I've been lurking here a little bit. I must say a THANK YOU & God Bless for the great info here!

    Last December I bought my Steyr M9, which worked fine for a bit & in which time I sold my Glock 19 -as the Steyr replaced it!

    I love the added safety forward of the trigger. It is the 21st Century Glock!

    However, I was beginning to have failures to eject, and having empty shells get stuck in the ejection port. Then I found you all here, and thanks to the tutorial on cleaning & polishing the extractor, I now have a smooth running pistol!

    You have all restored my confidence in this gun!!


    I hope to be talking to you all here soon. :D
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    Welcome to the cult of Steyr. Glad you have gotten your M9 working well. Good to have you on board and we look forward to getting regular reports on your trips to the range.

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    Thank you!

    I just cleaned my M9 after my range session. Now, am I going to have to keep an eye on the extractor & include stripping it down too every cleaning session? Or should the polish job have solved the problem? It wasn't too dirty to begin with, so the polish job probably did the trick?
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    i do extractor and firing pin channell every 2 or 3 range sessions, unless i have reason to suspect it might need it sooner.
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    can you post a link to the Extractor Polish tutorial? I only see the extractor cleaning tutorial.

    Both my M9 and my S9 were flawless in over 4000 rounds, but in the past 2 months they started to fail to extract and they still eject eradically. I have now lost faith in my two Steyr pistols as they fail to extract more often. BTW, I clean them about every 200-400 rounds and I detail strip the slide and clean the extractor always.

    Can you tell me where to polish the extractor? If you can give me some info, I'll whip out the dremel and hopefully get my Steyrs back to the way they were before, RELIABLE!
  6. madecov

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    While I have not polished my extractor yet. I would polish the large side of the plunger bevel where it applies pressure on the extractor claw. I would also polish the surface on the claw that contacts the extractor plunger.

    Be careful, don't remove metal. just remove the phosphate finish and use a bit of lewlers rouge or simichrome.
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    Madecov is correct. The finish is tough as nails! I wet sanded mine and it really only removed the top layer of the finish!
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    I would also polish the channel.