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Texas State IDPA Championship

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M9s did well today. First for Mrs. Steyr, third for me, also 6th overall with about 150 shooters. There were a lot of very expensive handguns that placed behind the two Steyrs in the match. Sorry you all missed it as it was a great match and a lot of fun.
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Congratulations to you and your significant other.

WOOHOO! great job and congrats!!
Congratulations! I wanted to go to that, but I was forced to lay on a beach in Mexico all week.
Nice shooting TEX! To place that highly in the Texas IDPA championship is a real accomplishment I'm sure you'd smoke people in other states. Tell your wife that we are all very impressed with her victory.

While I'm not suprised that the M9 performed so well over more expensive/less able firearms I am very glad to see yet another confirmation of the proven superior performance of the Austrian wonder that is the Steyr M-series.

Happy trails and safe shooting to you and yours.
Bravo to both you and your Mrs.!

I don't know squat about IDPA rules; what are some examples of guns the Steyr M gets classed with?

Also, what kind of comments does your choice of the Steyr elicit from the other competitors?
Larry, We both shot in the Enhanced Service Pistol division which is mostly single action, 9mm 1911 from SV, STI, Springfield, Glock 34, and others. The rules allow for some modifications like mag wells and steel guide rods to the firearm to make it more competitive in this division. Our Steyrs are box-stock with no modifications at all.

Regarding comments from other competitors, used to get some but not any more.

Box Stock Steyrs outperform expensive custom pistols....its that Austrian engineering. lol
ministerofdeath said:
Box Stock Steyrs outperform expensive custom pistols....its that Austrian engineering. lol
or the superior shooter behind it :wink:
heartily congratulations!!!!!!

For me the match turned out to be more expensive than I expected.

After talking with you at the match I took the plunge and ordered an S9. I figured it would be more versatile than the M9.

Does IDPA require that the safety be used? What do you do?
We do not use the manual safety on the Steyrs. The manual safety is really a back up device and since the primary safety is the trigger safety, like the Glock, I can find nothing in the rules that requires it's use. As the new Steyr pistols do not have the manual safety, I don't ever se it becoming an issue.

From a safety standpoint, the manual safety requires the trigger be placed in the trigger guard to deactivate. As an SO, I would be unhappy if a shooter I was running used the manual safety.
see i always use mine, because i thought if a gun had a manual safety it had to be engaged.
I think the trigger guard is a great place to put the trigger.

Are you choosing to shoot ESP, or is the Steyr classified like the Springfield XD? I just wondered, I want to get classified in SSP, but if my Steyr doesn't count, I'm out of luck.
I chose to shoot the Steyr in ESP for this match. Normally I shoot SSP and the Steyr, like the Glock is legal in both. The XD is an exception as Springfield specifically states it is a single action only pistol which makes it legal in ESP only.
I was pretty surprised to find out the XD was in ESP, not what I wanted to hear after buying it. But I still love how it shoots. I got a holster from Grandfather Oak though, so I think I'll shoot the Steyr next classifier.
Congratulations to you and your wife IDPA!

Do you have any photos of the match to share on the forum?
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