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Taurus 24/7

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Saturday I took my M40 to the range, my bro took his XD .40, and his wife had her Taurus 24/7.

This little report is on the 24/7, I had high hopes for this weapon, I love the single action with auto double action when needed feature, and the over/under dot sight system had promise.

But after 3 clips we had to put it away.... The sights were off so bad that you had to aim above the upper right corner before the groupings would appear on the lower left corner of the target. Very Very dissapointing. My bro is going to put some adjustable sights on it and we are going to try it again. As for the fit and finish, I think Taurus is going backwards, I've never seen one from the factory that was this rough. We spent about 20 minutes giving it a cleaning and lube job, and things were a little better, but it just didn't feel like the quality of my Steyr or the Springfield. The box that the weapon came in was cheesy too. Last but not least, the safety key needs to be metal people. That plastic key just doesn't feel like it's gonna hold up. I'm very disapointed with Taurus on this one.

But, the groupings were within about 3.5 inches at 20 yards... maybe we can save this one with the new sights, and a polish job with some Militec-1.
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sorry to hear you had a bad time with the taurus. taurus' get a bad wrap. there are a lot of people who love them that feel it's undeserved. but there are people who have experiences like yours to back up the stories.

the 24/7 is a dao pistol though. i had considered buying one, but then i couldn't figure out why. too big to carry, not ideal for ipsc/idpa type shooting, certainly not a target gun. been eyeing up the pt145 lately. don't think i'll really buy one. it's just neat that taurus crammed ten .45s in that little thing.
oh... well i'll be darned!! when did they do that?

that development makes me very much more interested in the 24/7. of course the one account of the sa pull is less than stellar. but i'll check 'er out. maybe TheGuyver got a dud.
I've got the PT145, PT745C, and 24/7 in .45 ACP. They're decent little guns -- especially for the price. The PT145 has found a home as a vehicle console gun. Also, I conducted a little "shoot-out" between the PT745 and the Kahr P45 as seen here: ... did=558986

However, I have discovered a flaw with the Taurus pistol line...maybe not serious for most, but one I have to be careful with in my shooting.

In either the old DAO or newer SA/DA Taurus pistols, if you pull in the take-up on the trigger and then engage the safety lever -- the gun will have an appearance of being in "safe" mode. However, the trigger remains in the rearward position (does not return full forward) and WILL FIRE the pistol if pulled -- even with the safety lever is in the up or safe position.

If the trigger is allowed to return fully from the reset position and then the safety lever engaged -- the pistol is in safe mode.

Just something to be careful with...

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