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Talk about Over Charging!

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I dropped my girlfriend off for her grad school class tonight and had an hour to kill before my own class started. So, I went down to a small local gunshop that I haven't visited in awhile (they normally have overpriced and very bad condition used weapons) and low and behold there was a brand new Steyr M-40A1. The only Steyr A1 I've found in my area (only three gun shops) and they want $550.00!

Couldn't believe they were asking $550.00 for a pistol that I could buy from a host of people online for less than $450.00. I purchased my M40 at Gandor Mountain for $420.00 new for Pete's sake. Anyways, just had to vent and thought you guys would find that pretty funny.
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They must really like the way it looks in their cabinet :lol: At that price its gonna stay there quite a while.

then they'll complain that steyr's don't sell!!
Distributor prices are down on the A1
Overpriced times two

If it makes you feel better I got my m40 at a Gander Mountain for $300.

I haven't seen any a1's in the area yet. The gun shops in this area are pretty good so I don't imagine the prices will be to bad for those either though.
They also wanted $900.00 for a HK P2000 SK, which I know is again way overpriced, I had to wonder how they were staying in business? I mean competition is fierce now days with the internet and I feel bad for the mom and pop gun shops, but I don't buy guns from places out of charity.

I would pay "a little bit" more for a pistol that I can hold in my hands, because I'm old fashion that way, but not $100.00 more. That just money better spent on a holster or extra mags.
Houston's prices

Here in Houston, the only place i know of to get Steyr's are at a gun shop 2 miles from my house. Their M40A1 sells for about $500. But, they do have a large selection of weapons and ammo for dirt cheap prices. This is the place where i bought my M9. Also, I am looking to part with my M9 to a good home for about $275. Only went to the range once, shot 50 rounds. But, does have slight holster wear because i use it in private security work.(never shot it while on duty) Well cleaned, oiled, 1 or 2 minimal scratches. Original case, etc. Reply if interested or know of someone.
Maybe I'm just a little dense, but I hear an almost apologetic tone when many Steyr owners and, it seems, many who are closer to the Steyr organization than the rest of us, are talking about these fine guns. I don't
think I'm being blindly loyal...I just really feel good about this gun.. I trust
my life and that of the people I care about the most. Our family has five M or S-9 Steyrs.....not a single ftf, either feed or fire, no fte, no negetive anything. Lots of holes in the targets in the right places....groups could stand to be a lot tighter, but hey, that's what range ammo is designed to correct. This gun comes on target faster than anything else I've ever
tried and stays there thru doule and triple and quad taps. What else is there when you need it?
Just an observation. Comments????
Just a quick addition....we have 3-4,000 rds. of cci blazer and a few each
of Federal pers. def and Winchester Ranger LE
You can't find any Steyr's in my neck of the woods. My local range got one by mistake and complained about it so I offered them $250.00 after just holding it! Guy behind the counter hollered SOLD! That was 3 years ago and I'm still impressed with my M-40. The missus got ahold of it, then the kids and I had to go to CDNN to get the rest of the family properly heeled just to get mine back. Yes we are definitely a Steyr family!!
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