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I found some old pics, and thought I would post them here for folks who didn't get a chance to see the old Tactical Elites, which just never seemed to sell well. This one was from 2004-ish, and back then they sold in Canada for nearly a third more than the SSG 69.
The gen 1s (my term) had some minor, but noticeable issues. The detachable cheek, and butt pad relied only on the plastic they were made of to hold them in place. In the case of the butt pad assembly it had a small plastic nipple that prevented it from just falling off if you loosened the tension screw. If you took the butt pad assembly off a few times this nipple got worn, to the point it would just fall off the rifle if you loosed the adjuster screw. Likewise the two molded in plastic clips for the cheek piece would wear, and get easy to dislodge. You can see in the second generation they added metal screws and retainers to these pieces, and use those to hold them on, rather than just the plastic.
The barrels on the Elites tended to be 22inch, and in this case with a recessed crown, and in 308.
The triggers were a step above the normal SBS rifles, and in this case, was a two stage, 3lb trigger that broke amazingly clean.
One huge downside back then was the lack of scope rings or mounts to get a 56mm on the rail, in the end I was able to get a set of Knights Armament Corp rings for it.

I priced one of these out in Canada last year, and the price is still high, over 4000$.
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