Tactical Assault Holsters

Discussion in 'Holsters' started by ministerofdeath, Apr 3, 2005.

  1. I am very interested in finding a tactical assault holster of my M-40 that would accomodate the rail attachment and light attachment while providing a secure hold on the firearm.

    Does anyone have advice as to where to look and what type of tactical assault holster would best fit the pistol described above? If anyone owns a particular brand I would like to here your opinion on how well it works for your personal needs.

    Thanks in advance for your help.
  2. WorldPax

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    By Tactical Assault holster, do you mean one of the ones that straps to your thigh?

  3. Yes, I'm sorry blackhawk tactical industries refers to them as assault holsters, but they are also called thigh holsters I believe.
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    I have seen holsters for WMLs for Glocks and XDs but never a steyr.
  5. Darn, trying to put together a nice tactical SHTF set up.
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    Blackhawk holsters are nylon so they are not an "exact" boned fit like leather. I'm sure something that is close would work, kinda like the Uncle Mikes "one size fits nothing"
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    ask blade-tech if the can mold one, they have thigh holsters, they do M pistols, thay do light mounts. Hopefully they could combine all of them.

    Or e-mail grandfatheroakcustom. David Stillwell is very accomadating, cheap, and steyr friendly.
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    Agreed! Mr. Stillwell is a fine man to deal with. His site is:


    His M9 holsters are $27 shipped to SteyrTalk members. But I am sure he would offer the same deal to members of SteyrClub ... just confirm that with him beforehand, of course!. 8)
  9. Good Advice Guys.

    Thanks for pointing me in the right direction I will think seriously about giving grandfatheroak.com a try. I've sent an email to blackhawk industries today asking their advice on which one of their products would best accomodate my needs.
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    You're welcome! Just remember that Mr. Stillwell doesn't currently produce a holster like this but might still be able to help you. If he does, it might take a bit as he likes to test new products before selling them.