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switching to three dot vs t/t?

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After todays idpa match we did a little gun trading/test firing after the match. The three guys who shot my M40 were impressed w/ it.

While i've never been a fan of glocks because of the way they feel, today I shot a "properly set up" glock and found it to be quite decent in feel and trigger (don't ask me what mods were done to it) though i'm still not about to go buy one. Shooting that G34 w/ plain black rears and fiber optic front I did my best ever w/ it on the texas star (which was left setup).Steel and long shots have been my biggest hangup.

I love the triangle and find it much faster to aquire that "flash" picture for that range between point shooting and long full sight shots, but am seriously considering going to a three dot on the steyr for all that steel/long shots/overlaping nonthreats, etc. I think it could also just be the big honking white insert not lending itself well to "precision" work while it excells at "flash" stuff and not nescacarily the shape.

I need to try the star and 8" steel plates at 15 yards w/ a 4" auto w/ fiber fronts though to be sure it was that and not the 5" slide.

I'm also thinking of just putting some brightsights paint on the tip of the "big honking" white triangle in a small diamond at the tip to give my eye a smaller focal point. Maybe get the best of both worlds depending on what type of shot i'm trying.

So who has switched the stock triangles to dots, and why?

For me the m40 was my first gun, so it's not a matter of being too used to the 3-dots.
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Another option could be using the tips of the sights for precision shots and aiming high to adjust.
Chef, I have used conventional sights on my Steyrs since day one. I did not want to transition to a different sighting system when I transitioned to the Steyr. I also did not want to have to re-transition everytime I shot my revolvers or 1911. I have traps on my S9 but all my competition guns are conventional configuration.
I never got comfortable on precisely where my shot would hit with my M9 when shooting IDPA, so I went to factory 3-dot night sights. Wish I had gotten PT night sights instead of factory. Sadly, I couldn't find anyone who made fiber optic sights for the M9, so I broke down and bought an XD (or maybe that was just an excuse to get another gun). Now my son shoots the M9, and he's getting a lot better.

I still have the traps on the M40 I carry, but I'll be putting PTs on it soon.
I replaced my Steyr sights for the sole reason that they aren't night sights.
In my humble opinion the trapezoid sights are excellent for speed shooting and follow up shots at short range where most pistol encounters take place. I know its an old, old, old plea, but I wish that Steyr simple made a trapezoid night sight system.

Home defense was my primary purpose in purchasing my Steyr M40 and if I can't shoot in dark hallways at night then whats the point?
Trap night sites would be the ultimate.

The rears can be done but how to get the large front triangle ????
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