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Sub-Compact Match Off

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I have been looking at three pistols available as subcompacts (other than the A1 as I haven't seen it and there are right now no specs. on it).

Walther P-99C with Anti-Stress Trigger in .40S&W


Heckler and Koch P2000 SK in .40S&W ... ber=704204


Springfield XD Sub-compact in .40S&W ... pact.shtml

I like the Walther in terms of ergonomics and it seems pretty darn safe with the anti-stress trigger, but the Springfield XD Sub seems to be the most safe to carry. The H&K P2000SK has had a lot of positive reviews and is know to be pretty reliable.

What you guys think...if you could only have one what would you get and why?

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I'll vote for the P2000SK. However, if it were me, the regular P2000 isn't that much bigger, so it should conceal about the same and will have slightly less muzzle flip due to size. If it were 9mm, I wouldn't worry, but every sub-compact .40 I've ever shot has way too much muzzle flip for me to shoot as accurately as I would like fast.
I chose the p99c AS (9mm) over the xd when I was looking last year. The HK was out of my price range. the biggest problem with the p99c is finding a holster specfically for it.
My GF has an HK 2000 with double/single trigger....I hate it.....its hard for me to hit anything with it......I have to concentrate and pull the trigger slowly......very high barrel axis :twisted: yuk :!: and of course its pricey.......but very well made..........I'll pass on the HK........don't know about the others.......I have owned and shot Kahr's and think they are a decent choice..........
the biggest problem with the p99c is finding a holster specfically for it.
You are sure right about that Matches.

I'm leaning toward the P99C. The reason I'm looking for such a small pistol is that in October I should have my Bar License and I'll start taking court appointed cases (i.e. alleged criminals too poor to pay an attorney)from all kinds of folks that I'll have to meet in my office. So, I want a very concealable pistol with a sufficient caliber. A 9mm may be the way to go with the new loads available.

My Father is an attorney and was once assaulted back in the 80s by a crazy former court appointed client who had seen him coming out of a bar with my uncle. The dead beat hit my Dad with a small pipe from behind and if it wasn't for my uncle (big guy) he probably would have killed my father who spent three days in a hospital. Turns out this guy was guilty as sin and my dad got him a real good deal, but he blamed everyone involved for having to do a single day in jail. To this day my Dad will not tell me the guy's name because he knows I'd kick the crap out of him even if it has been over 20 years since it happened.

There was also an incident of a very good and nice attorney my family knew well who was shot one day coming out of his office by the husband of a woman he was helping with a divorce. Once, again a dead beat blamed the attorney and took out his rage on the attorney. It is also pretty common for any attorney (even guys doing Business or Property Law) to get death threats. One needs to only look at the case of the Federal Judge in Chicago who had her husband and mother killed by a dead beat who didn't like her judgment in a medical malpractice case. So, needles to say I'm packing and if someone tries that with me (former Active Duty Marine) they better bring their "A" game and some serious firepower.
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I know you have your set list there but have you thought about a CZ Rami? They are excellent sub-compacts that don't get a lot of press:

Or the Sig P239 SAS: ... ductid=122

Just some more options...

I own a Walther P99C AS 9mm....and I love it. I've firing several hundred rounds with no malfunctions; it works with full-size P99 9mm mags (both the 15 and 16 round magazines), but I've had a couple of mags fail to lock back after the last round was discharged, but they still worked beyond that.

The P99C is also super-compact (not as much as a Kahr P99, Rohrbaugh, or Kel Tec P11, but as much as a Glock 26).

I think this gun is a serious competitor to the Glock 26, but given Glock's dominance in the gun market, the P99C is but an afterthought to many folks.

That said, I'm sure the .40S&W P99C AS is probably a great gun too, but with the added "fun" of it recoiling more and, perhaps, being a tad harder to control since the grip of a P99C is so short.
My vote is going to have to be with the XD. I have two of the tactical models and they are seriously sweet to shoot.
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