Stiff trigger due to rem oil...

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  1. Heat

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    I was cleaning my gun a few days back and sum rem oil spilled into my trigger mechanism. When i press the trigger it feels stiffer than usual... do you think its cuz of the rem oil or is it my head imagining things....Appreciate the help.

  2. bigtaco

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    my initial response was, "you're nuts" BUT....

    upon further reflection...

    i seem to remember having a blackened trigger finger after a day at the range. must be powder, and it's obviously in very close proximity to the trigger. so... it would be reasonable to think that there could be powder in the trigger around the two little springs in there.

    this is not normally a problem, because the tolerances are loose enough to allow such residual matter to be there, without affecting performance.

    however, when you piled on the lube, you could have created a wonderful slurry of gunk in there that might be affecting your trigger pull.

    so, use some (insert solvent here. wd-40, kerosene whatever, but a solvent, not a lubricating product) to clear out all the crap and run the trigger under steaming hot water. apply a more approriate amount of lube, and atleast then you'll know it's clean.

    if it still feels weird, that might be in your head. which is a stellar excuse to get to the range and squeeze off a couple hundred rounds and clear your head of all concerns.

  3. Heat

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    Thanks taco i will try that out. :D