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  1. Greetings Fellow Steyrclub Members!

    As many of you may know I am the very proud owner of an M40 Steyr pistol and have been using a Galco Fleth High Ride Holster to carry that pistol. (see

    Well, I've been seriously looking to purchase an M40A1 and would like to purchase the same type of Galco holster for it, but they don't yet offer those holsters for sale. I contacted Galco's product department today (1/17) and received a reply email from Galco immediately. Please read the email reply sent from Galco below:

    Please email Galco as soon as possible informing them of our interest in having quality holsters made for the MA1 series through their product request form. If we could get most of our 1,000 + members to email Galco they may roll out with a new line of A1 holsters. Currently, the only holsters available are either through FIST or Bladetech so it would be nice to add Galco to our A1 holster list.

  2. madecov

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    My request is sent.

    Please post a pic of your FLETCH

  3. I'm going to borrow my dad's digital camera sometime this week and I'll post some photos of my Galco holster...its basically the same as the website photo only its black.
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    I'm all for aftermarket support, but I don't want a holster with a thumb break.

    I'm gonna email 'em anyway though. Here's to one more manufacturer submitting to the cult!

    Ninja Edit: I filled out the PRF, adding all my preferences in addition to the FLETCH.