Steyr vs Sigma in IPSC

Discussion in 'Competition Shooting' started by MrApathy, May 20, 2008.

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    Shot USPSA last month went first round with Steyr did good I managed to hit top 10 out of 28 people. In Production Division I came out 2nd in 2 out of 3 matches 3rd the other match with 4 people someone.

    Improving at USPSA shot IDPA this last weekend came out 3rd out of 8 however I could have done better but had ammo issues.
    used the Steyr.

    I was more accurate with the Sigma when it came to paper targets and poppers however I had trouble with steel plates on 1 stage which cost me time. The Steyr I did better time wise but was not as accurate as I should have been went more for speed.

    managed to pass the classifier with both my steyr and sigma. I managed to get double alpha's with the sigma but I took more time. Steyr I always got atleast 1 alpha then usually hit bravo nothing worse than charlie on all targets.

    not crazy about the sights for the sigma if I have to shoot beyond 15 yards however inside 15 yards seem to do well.
    long heavy trigger pull make me shoot the sigma low.

    my steyr's will not drop free sigma mags for anything. however I did get new springs for modded sigma mags and they work more reliably though will lock the slide back with 1 round left. work great in the Sigma wish I didnt mod them.

    shooting competition is fun stuff.

    used my sigma in stock config though torsion spring tweaked. I could have done some mods to lighten the pull on the sigma.
    may try that sometime see how it goes.

    for the price both are good guns. steyr bit better in some area's the sigma has its advantages as well.