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Steyr vs. Glock

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Hi everyone from the newest "newbie".

I have been thinking about picking up a Glock, but the CDNN deal on the M9 has got my attention. I can't find any Steyrs in my local area, so I can't go try one before I buy.

So I need some help. How do the two guns compare in trigger pull, accuracy, durability, ease of maintenance, etc?

From browsing the forum, I know everyone loves their Steyr....but why?

Thanks for your comments!

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The Steyr is a true double-action since the trigger continues to cock the striker throughout the stroke until it is released. As a result the Steyr trigger does not feel like your average double-action trigger. Its short stroke action (approximately 1/8") with a very short reset allows for very accurate rapid fire. I believe you'll find the Glock has a much longer mushier trigger pull. Another advantage the Steyr has over the Glock is that its trigger is angled 10 degrees downward allowing for a more natural higher finger placement.

Accuracy is highly subjective, but I think there is a strong case favoring the Steyr over that of the Glock. The Steyr has a lower bore axis than that of the Glock which allows for less "muzzle flip" and you will find that the recoil is less and this allows for faster and more accurate follow up shots. The sights on the Steyr are a revolutionary trapezoid design and many here at Steyr club love them, but they can easily be swapped out for night-sights or traditional three post sights. However, unlike the Glock the Steyr's sights are metal and not plastic. In addition, the Steyr has an advantage by having a larger sight radius over that of the Glock (6.22" vs. 6.02") which allow for easier acquisition of targets. In short, there are many objective and reasonable reasons to suggest that the Steyr is more accurate and allows for faster shots than that of the Glock.

The Steyr has a superior tennifer finish to that of the Glock making the finish much less prone to surface damage. As for how the the Steyr fires, well, in 1999 Steyr fired an early proto-type (not with all the improvements that have been made in the final production model) for a total of 10,000 rounds in two days. The pistol was lubricated once before the test and sprayed with an air hose every 500 rounds. They had 4 malfunctions in total. The Steyr has since than been improved in design of course. You'll find individual here at Steyr Club such as IDPASTEYR who have over 80,000 rounds through their Steyr without a single malfunction. I personally have a little over 2,000 rounds with zero malfunctions.

The Glock is superior in terms of maintenance as the Steyr does require a bit of lubrication to function perfectly where the Glock will fire nearly dry. The Glock has less parts then that of the Steyr (35Glock vs. 53Steyr). So, the Steyr is certainly not for someone who doesn't enjoy keeping his pistol clean, lubricated, and beautiful. The tighter tolerances the Steyr is built to makes it more likely that it would have problems firing in muddy, sandy, or other adverse environmental conditions without cleaning compared to the Glock. I think an analogy can be made to that of the M-16 A2 versues that of the AK-47 in that sure the Glock like the AK needs less cleaning and is a ruggid weapon, but the Steyr like the M-16 A2 is more accurate, more controllable, and a superior weapon when in the hands of a disciplined shooter.

For more information about the Steyr vs. the Glock you should vist and read their review on the Steyr M-series.
I personally think it is a great wealth of information for anyone trying to decide between the two pistols.
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