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Steyr vs. Glock

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Hi everyone from the newest "newbie".

I have been thinking about picking up a Glock, but the CDNN deal on the M9 has got my attention. I can't find any Steyrs in my local area, so I can't go try one before I buy.

So I need some help. How do the two guns compare in trigger pull, accuracy, durability, ease of maintenance, etc?

From browsing the forum, I know everyone loves their Steyr....but why?

Thanks for your comments!

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Welcome to the club. As far as your questions go, here are some quick answers. I'm sure others will chime in also...

1. Trigger is a lot crisper than the mushy Glock trigger.

2. Accuracy is somewhat subjective, but most seem to think that the Steyr is more so than the Glock. This is partially due to the lower bore axis.

3. Durability is great thanks to the tennifered slide. The Steyrs will take a bit more TLC to keep operating at peak performance. This is where the Glock is considered better.

4. Maintenance is super easy. There are many tutorials on this site that will help you learn to break down and clean the weapon.

Auburn said:
ministerofdeath said:
For more information about the Steyr vs. the Glock you should vist and read their review on the Steyr M-series.
I personally think it is a great wealth of information for anyone trying to decide between the two pistols.
That link isn't working for me. Is it correct?

Jim, here is the correct link:

1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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