Steyr vs Glock shootout

Discussion in 'Competition Shooting' started by Polymer Proselyte, Feb 23, 2008.

  1. Polymer Proselyte

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    I got some comments after a recent shoot like "you would have shot better with your Glock".

    I wanted to set up an experiment based on IPSC scoring to see how both of the guns performed.

    The stage consisted of 4 card targets. Starting at about 15m, a longer range shot, mag change and then move up to 3 targets at about 2, 4, and 6m.

    I haven't got the figures on me but it took around 10 secs for the stage. I did three timed stages with the Steyr and three with the Glock. I finished up with a last stage on the Steyr to counter any warm up time on the first.

    Each run was scored and the hit rates for each gun were averaged.

    I felt I was getting better hits with the Glock when I was shooting but when I processed the scores the Steyr came out on top. Not by much but it did feel faster on the follow up shots.

    I'm going to try it again and redesign the experiment. This time I will alternate guns each time, and remove the running to try and isolate the gun differences only, and work with higher hit rates.

    Results to follow.

  2. bigtaco

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    great! comparative testing! awesome!

  3. ThaiBoxer

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    I picked up a Gen 2 G17 for my dad, b/c I could get it for flat $300. The ergos can't compare to the Steyrs, at least in my hand. It shoots fine, just feels like holding a 2x4.
  4. babj615

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    Can't beat that deal.....

    ...and it will fire every time.....

    ...if we could just get a Steyr grip on a Glock...
  5. ChillyWilly

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    At that price and if you are the adventurous type like myself then I read about "heating" the bump on the back and rolling the bump till it goes down. I think it is on Glock Talk....when I get a glock I will be trying it....I hate that stupid bump....