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Just purchased a Steyr USR last weekend. All I can say is wow! Took her to the range. No malfunctions, very little recoil. Is the first number the model number? It has USR in the middle. Is the last number the serial number? Of the three thousand imported, what was the first serial number? I'm also wundering the date of manufacture, and when it was imported. Was supposed to be nib. Gas plug was very shiny, and hammer had no marks. It came in the origional box, with 5, 30 round mags, and one 10 rounder. Also the instruction manual. After 80 rounds, the gas plug had black marks on it that no cleaning would remove. What is the going price on a gun like this today? I think my wife is kidding about the divorce! Any info would be greatly apprieciated. She also fell in love with it. She likes to shoot also. I let her fire most of the rounds down range. I thought it would be best thing to do at this time. Thank's, Geo.
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