Steyr Trigger Safety

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    Hey all,

    I am one of those people who suffer from a numb trigger finger while firing Glocks. After a couple of mags, the my trigger finger will start to go numb where it contacts the trigger safety, and increase the more rounds I shoot. Basically, the trigger safety hits a nerve in my finger. The numbness will take up to half a day to completely go away. It is a common enough issue that you can find many references to it on the internet. I have seen that the trigger safety is much wider on the Styer. My question to the forum is if anyone here who has the with Glock finger issue has shot the Steyr, and did it give a similar numb finger to shooting the Glock?

    For point of reference, I have been shooting pistols for 20 years, and currently own 22 handguns. I have also been through several training courses. The Glock issue is not user error, but incompatibility of trigger design and my personal finger design. Glocks are the only ones i have found that numb my finger.
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    I don't even feel the trigger safety on the Steyr.