Steyr trigger compared to Taurus 24/7??

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    Hello folks,

    I'm relatively new to firearms - have only been shooting for about a year. Have a DAO Taurus 24/7 and this lovely 1953 Marlin lever action I aim to take hunting the first time this fall.

    The Taurus is my first gun, and it hasn't done me wrong. But over a year of ownership that long DAO trigger pull has done the opposite of grow on me. Looking to upgrade to a similar pistol setup with better trigger (shorter travel, crisper, more predictable, less takeup, etc.).

    I don't like Glock grip at all. Can't afford a Sig right now.

    I really like the looks, specs and design of the A1. I guess my question is, is it a step up in trigger pull? Like I said before I'd like a SA/DA or a light DA trigger - is the Steyr going to be better than the long ~9 lb pull of my Taurus?

    Thanks in advance for your input...
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    haven't shot a 24/7 but did handle one...

    the trigger on M-A1 is 5.5lbs and the pull is very short; only 4mm (0.125in)

    hope that helps

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    I have about a dozen handguns. My m9 is a favorite for several reasons, one of them being the trigger. I suggest u go try one if u haven't already. . :D Sounds like what you're looking for.

    The Marlin is a sweet rifle. Safe/sucessful hunting!

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    I think your right... maybe my lovely wife will let me get out for some shooting tonight and I see if my LGS has one in store.

    Funny you should mention, its the Marlin that spoiled me on the trigger. I don't mind the weight so much, but I just love how it breaks like glass with extremely little take up. Then again, that is what 50 years of part mating will do... I know, I know, wrong forum!
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    I have Taurus PT915 different from the M40A1 trigger
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    I agree. Old Marlins only get better. :) I still have a 39a that I bought in about 1980. Destined to become an heirloom. lol I had a 30-30.. let it go to get a Winchester 94'. Love the 94, but SURE miss the MARLIN.

    If you like the Glock triggers ( I also don't care for the Glock grip angle and shape..but I have a model 30), u will really like the Steyr. Shorter, crisp, and not too heavy OR light. Plus..a manual safety if you like.

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    You need to shoot the Steyr pistol to believe the trigger-- it is really user -friendly.
    Some advice on hunting with the Marlin. You didn't specify the caliber, but if it is 30-30 or 35 Rem, you need to look at the new Leverevolution hunting ammunition from Hornady. It uses a soft pointed tip to significantly improve the downrange performance over the standard round-nose bullets. You should get flatter trajectory and increased energy, which means you can shoot farther without having to figure holdover. Practice a lot before the season, and that Marlin will become like an extension of your arms. Good hunting..
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    no comparison to be had. the taurus trigger is long, creepy, heavy and "stacks" at the end.

    the steyr's main advantage over this is that the firing pin is precocked. this allows a shorter pull. the shorter pull means less distance for the sear to travel and develop any creepiness. the spring can't stack because it doesn't move far enough. the effective use of leverage designed into the trigger bar gets the pull weight down while using a striker spring capable of producing reliable ignition.

    grab a steyr asap. they really are marvels. maybe you'll be so moved to purchase one, but you've at least got to try it out.
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    Thanks for the info folks. My preferred gun store doesn't have one in, but he is getting a price quote... hopefully while that's going on I can find some where with an example to handle. The sights alone make it a big no-no for unseen purchase. But the trigger sounds just what I was hoping for.

    Yeah, that Marlin action is like butter - I've tried a new one, which was a fine rifle, but it didn't compare to the old handfit years. I'm trying to figure out what to do with the sights, it's more accurate than the brass bead and horn sights will let it be - maybe a peep whole and f/o dot front. I read about the leverevolution in NRA mag., sounds like good stuff!

    Edit: oh yeah, it is a 30-30 8)
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    I have fired both, alomost bought the 24/7 then I tried the steyr, I am now a proud owner of the Steyr M9, I love it.