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Steyr torture test

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my wife has been having increasing stovepipes, even though her limpwristing is getting better (not gone).

I have never had the issues w/ my S9 that everyone else who's shot it has (wife, nephew, buddy and his fiamcee). I'd estimate 2-3000 rounds I've personaly put through it since i got it in sept 04. My wife rarely goes a range trip w/out one and in 4 stages and 70 rounds earlier this week had 4.

but she's just so dam scary accurate w/ it when she takes her time and is learning competition style shooting on it.

so i cleaned everything up real well (mags were filthy, been too long), and went to do a torture test.

I bought a 250 round brick of remington UMC 115gr for $32 at outdoor world (also wanted to see if it might be the ususal diet of wwb) and 100rnd valpack of wwb ($12 wallyworld).

I was fully intending to run all that ammo (even called around town to find cci blazer aluminum to run also, but no luck).

after loading and firing as fast as i could it became apparent that i could not get it to stovepipe or jam at 200 rounds (150 umc 50 wwb) when i gave up (barell was hot enough I could barely touch it; and i pull pans out of ovens barehanded sometimes). My wrists were starting to feel it and i had gotten to the range only 45 minutes before closing. I still left the range 12 minutes before they closed i was going that fast.

next step is hopefully she will have the time to go do the same before Sundays idpa match to see if the mag cleaning helped or if she has less issues w/ the umc.

basicly rambling about my personal life aside, the point as it concerns our guns is...
I SHOT THE HELL OUT OF THAT THING FAST untill it was HOT and my wrists hurt from it w/out a hiccup.

and clean your mags more often (source of my last and only pproblems w/ my m40 and i still don't do it often enough apparently ](*,) )
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Comforting words

I am most impressed by the fact that you fired 200 rounds in 33 minutes time without incident with your Steyr pistol, which is truely a testament to the design and construction of the M-series we have all grown to love. IDPA, continues to demonstrate the reliability of the M-series through his constant use of the pistol and achievements in competitiion with it.

I've fired my pistol far less than IDPA, but share in his confidence of the M-series. The only negative experience I have ever had with my M-40 was some erratic ejection of spent casings and that issue has been remedied (knock on wood).

Steyr-Mannlicher spends a great deal of time and effort in the design and testing of new weapons and continues to make improvements in the M-series making it among the world's finest pistols. I have no doubt that the M-A1 will exceed the performance of the M-series and that Steyr will continue to maintain the edge in pistol designl.

Safe Shooting
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