Steyr testing the waters??

Discussion in 'AUG, MSAR' started by Guest, Apr 26, 2005.

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  2. God I Wish!

    I would love if Steyr started distributing rifles like the one pictured in your post within the United States. The AUG even though it was designed in the late 70s (correct me if I'm wrong) is still a revolutionary design and perhaps the most reliable bull-pup style rifle available on the market today.

    I'd love to be able to afford a Steyr AUG or for that matter even find one. The few I have seen for sale are usually on private gun sale boards and as much in cost as a pre-owned car.

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    Just as interesting in that pic (to me, anyway), is the bottom of the section on pistols: note the text listing the "S-A1" pistol in 9x19 mm and .357 Sig. I didn't think they were going to produce an "S" series of the new pistols...?
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    no SA-1 in .357

    check again...the SA-1 is 9mm and .40 only....the ma-1 is listed as being all three calibers....

    of course it is all the stuff of dreams for now....
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    i've seen this picture before, but didn't know where it came from.
    steyr has hintead at "big thing" coming w/in the year.

    just to clarify, this page is actually from literature distributed by steyr reps?
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    The brochure was shown at the NRA show bt the Steyr Rep there.Supposedly to see if there is a domestic market for the A3 .

    We betta email them and say "HELL YEA" MONEY IN HAND!!!!!

    Fast \:D/
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    Is this going to be LE sales only? me, a civie cannot get one. :cry:
  8. I already have some assault rifles in 5.56mm, but I am certain that I would pay for the AUG-SA in 16" barrel form in the 6.8mm form, but hopefully they can come up with a smaller price tag then $1568.00 it would much nicer if it was down around an even $1,000.00.

    I would also imagine that the AUG-SA does not come with the tactical light as pictured. Correct me if I'm wrong? What is really awesome is that I graduate law school in January of 2006 and should have my bar results and license to practice by April. Translation, I'll be able to afford a nice weapon.
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    I'm a bit confussed, how is Steyr gonna sell these to non-LE, are these build here in the states? or are they not classified as assault rifle. If not, non-LE cannot buy one per importation ban.

    The Optic looks a CQ/T mk 4 , is that part of the package. It is rather cheap if it comes with it.
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    Looking at it again, thats a Surefire vertical forearm with light. That's not a right price, the optic and VFG along is $1600 if not more.