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    Hi everybody.
    just registered and looking for advice:is it possible to fit my SSG Police action into an Accuracy International or Sako stocks?
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    Comanchero, the AICS stocks are made specifically for the Remington 700 action. So it will not fit. As for the Sako stock I'm am unsure. You may want to contact McMillan if you're looking to upgrade your stock. They have the SSG P2 which is an A3 that is inleted for an SSG.

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    thanks a lot for your advice about MacMillan stocks, but even though I trust their stocks very much, what I'm looking for is a radical change,
    otherwise I'll stay with the original stock. I was pretty sure the AI stock wouldn't work,but had to ask anyway. So I have to insist with the Sako.
    Don't you happen to know a top-gunsmith I can contact?