Steyr SSG 69 Questions?

Discussion in 'Other Rifles' started by Hawk777th, Dec 11, 2007.

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    Hey guys first post! Anyways Ive been looking at Accuracy International or having a M40A3 built custom for awhile and talked to my local gunsmith who's a huge Steyr nut and he said he would build me the M40A3, but, if it was him he just go with a Steyr SSG 69 for the price. He told me he had shot a 3.5 in group at 800yrds with match ammo with his, and claimed they were under a .5 moa gun out of the the box with factory ammo. Is this true? I just have some questions about the guns.

    Is the 69 more accurate than the newer SSG 04 models or tactical(I have read they are)?
    Are the PII's the same as the original PI other than color and bolt handle?
    Does the 20in version have the same accuracy out to 500 yards (read its the same but is worse after that range) how bad does it get after that?
    Do the rings allow enough lift for 800yards+(May take it to a 1000 once in a long awhile) 600 will be the most ill shoot it anywhere locally? Is there a scope that has enough MOA to make up for it if there isnt? Looking to put an IOR or Leupold MK4 on it.
    Cant you still get the 10 round mags?
    What would the price range that you would pay be on the PII 26in or PII 20in be?

    Thanks for all the help look forward to becoming another Steyr convert!
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    I don't know about the rest of your questions but CDNN Investments has the p1 in .308 26" barrel with a 5 round rotary mag for 1299.99 without optics. How that price translates toward a p2 I don't know.

    Just thought I would pass along the information.