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Hello all,

I posted a while ago about and issue with my steyr ssg 69 bolt. I have posted the below link of a short video that shows the issue.[email protected]/5712668735/in/photostream

I have referred to the manual and followed the instructions and can't get past step B, removing the bolt cap. I've tried my best to turn it to lift it off as stated but it won't budge.

A kind member stated that the firing pin assembly needed to be adjusted and said i should contact SAI but unfortunately I'm located in australia and have tried many gunsmiths including the distributor but have had no luck. Nobody wants to touch it.

It just looks like exactly stated by the member that it may need and adjustment or a firing pin replacement.

I would be so grateful if someone can provide any insight or assistance via instructions or a contact that I can send the bolt to.

Thank you in advance.
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