Steyr SSG 04 in American Rifleman this month

Discussion in 'Other Rifles' started by TriumphSpeedFour, Jan 3, 2007.

  1. Just got my copy of NRA's American Rifleman this month. They have a 2 page spread on the Steyr SSG 04 rifle. They seemed to be pretty impressed with it.

    I'll see if I can get a scan and post it.

  2. Cohiba

    Cohiba Guest

    thats a great rifle, exept the fact that its a sbs tactical with a break and a new stock.
    cdnn is selling the 25.6" heavy bbl 308 for $699
  3. Bushdog

    Bushdog New Member

    Well, for better or worse, I've just put some money down on a Steyr SSG 04 in .308.

    I hear what Cohiba has said about it being a tactical with a different stock and muzzle break, but for me those things make all the difference. The stock with the adjustable cheek piece is really helpful in getting the cheek weld right (although the fact you have to move it to remove the bolt gets up my nose!!). The muzzle-break can be removed and hey-presto, the gun is already threaded for a sound-moderator, which are in common usage over here (I already have a Mannlicher Scout with a T8 can mounted on it).

    Does anyone have any information on what bullet weights are likely to be preferable in the 04? Mine has the 23.6" tube. I imagine 165gr is likely to be about right, but other's views would be gratefully received.

    The only down side of the SSG 04 is that I have to trade my other (un-moderated) Scout against it, because of our appalling licensing system.