Steyr SPP opinions and information .

Discussion in 'Other Handguns' started by ap3572001, Sep 28, 2017.

  1. ap3572001

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    Would like to know about those guns. Any help will be appreciated.

    How many were imported ?
    Were they only imported in 1992-1993?
    Are they reliable with JHP ammunition?
    Is B&T TP9 basically a Steyr SPP with some cosmetic changes ?
    Are small parts still available ?
    What do they sell for used , in very good condition ?

    Thank You
  2. SurfGent

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    Id like to know as well. There's one for sale where i live. Not really into tactical type firearms that much, but it's a Steyr, and it is cool looking. But its got a 1000$ price tag. That would buy me a good portion of my ssg04

  3. spaz12

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    I'm fairly certain they weren't actually shipped in 1992 and only came into the country in 1993.

    I've had no trouble with hollow points but I use Critical Defense with the little plastic fill Hornady makes.

    The B&T TP9 is made from the same tooling as they purchased everything Steyr had left of the TMP/SPP. The only real changes are with the inclusion of the rail, a mounting point on the frame for the folding stock, and an improved trigger. The original SPP trigger has quite a bit more creep.

    I own both the SPP and a DSA imported TP9 and the parts interchange. RTGParts carries some TP9 parts but if you contact them they can likely put in an order with B&T USA (more reliable to work with a reseller than dealing with the under-staffed importer). I've swapped the trigger/spring and top cover (adding the rail of the TP9) on my SPP.

    I do not suggest it unless you are really into the look and class of the weapon. I LOVE the TP9/SPP series but it seems like most are underwhelmed by them so I wouldn't suggest it unless you really covet one. Hopefully you get a chance to use one before hand. Also, I suggest the TP9 over the SPP if you can spend the money. The option to register it as an SBR and add a stock is a big win.