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    I know it has been certainly talked, but I am slow to understand. I'll make it as to the point as possible:

    I thought the way to use the sights is: Bottom of the front triangle at the bottom of the rear 2 lines so the top of the front triangle align with the top of the 2 rear lines. The bullet should hit the target where the top of the front triangle points.

    I installed 2 different lasers on the rail. (Those lasers point exactly at the right place with my XD45c and Taurus 24/7.) When I allign exactly the sights like I said in the previous paragraph, the dot is at the very bottom of the triangle at a distance of 33 feet.

    Do I have the sights aligments right or the laser dot says it right and I need to align my sight parralax another way?
    Or maybe the gun sights are misaligned?...

    Please NOTE: I am not hitting consistently yet enough the target with that pistol to say that a range test would point what is right (red dot or sights). I tried to make that gun shoot by good shooters at the range and they all are not used to that kind of sight and they can't do a consistent hit either.

    Thank you
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    You have it right, but i to have had issues with things matching up. Usually I aim as you mentioned but with the expectation that the bullet will hit behing the front sight not at its apex and I can consistantly get 2-3" (with a flyer or two-I need dry fire tigger practice) at 10 yds. Nice thing is it helps me to focus on the target because focusing on the sight is almost pointless, which if (I hope it never happens) anything bad were to happen I should be able to shoot fairly well inspite of fight or flight.

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    I've 3 Steyrs, and 2 of them came new with tri-trap sights. The M9A1 needed some windage correction, the M40A1 was fine. Both hit at just about the point of the triangle for me. I blew the 1" center out of a bullseye target last week, with about 3 clips worth of steady, aimed fire at 12.5 yards using the mod Iso stance.

    All 3 of my Steyrs are easily better than combat accurate.
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    i'm not sure what correlation the laser will have to the sights as far as using the same laser with different guns. BUT

    i can tell you that of the steyrs i've fired, every one shoots hole-in-hole out to ten yards.

    try dry firing at home for a week before your next range trip. just pick the smallest little speck on your wall and practice lining up the sights and shifting your focus from target to front sight to rear sight and such. then, focusing on only the front sight, milk the trigger travel for all that it's worth. 20 super slow trigger pulls in an hour will be much better than 100 trigger pulls in 10 minutes.

    that should get your eyes used to the sights and you should have much better groupings the next time out.

    i wish you well. let us know how it turns out.
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    BT, did you get that graphic file with the unadorned IPSC/tri-trap?