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    Ok so I got my M40 back today and there's an invoice that lists 2 new parts and some fitting. It doesn't say anything about my barrell or chamber though and I sent it in specifically because it's bulging cases. If nothing is wrong with the barrell I wish they would tell me so I can feel safe shooting it. I tried to send an email to Allan Cornett but it bounced and continues to do so. Anybody know what's up?
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    Have you tried calling them and asking?



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    :lol: Touche` mon ami...
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    Ok, I called Steyr and talked to a very cool guy whose name I believe was Jeff. He says that Allan Cornett is no longer employed by Steyr. Jack Riddle is still the main contact for warranty service. Jeff was new enough that he did not have an email address yet but we talked for a bit and he's a good guy. He used to work for Glock and he seemed to know his stuff quite well.
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    So, Mr. Riddle is the go-to guy but he doesn't have an e-mail address? :?

    Is he easy to get by phone?
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    Right now Steyr seems to be a 2-3 person operation.

    When I call either a receptionist/secretary answers or Jack does.

    Sometimes e mails go un answered, best contact is to call. They are trying hard