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Discussion in 'Other Rifles' started by hyena, Apr 14, 2013.

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    Hello all,

    I have recently picked up a new (well new to me) Pro Hunter in 376 Steyr. I have a couple questions if anyone can help me out.

    First, I've ordered the updated bolt cam and sent it to John on here to switch out and polish. I'm also having him do the bolt knob conversion to the round bolt knob while he is at it.

    Anyway, the receiver is a little scratched up, so I wanted to have it ceracoated, so I'll need to take the trigger group off.

    I could have swore I read about it somewhere, and now cant find it, about how they were very sensitive to the torque and easy to strip out. Does anyone have any instructions on how to remove the whole group and torque specs to put it back on. Also, do they need thread lock when putting back on?

    Secondly, is the end piece on the bolt plastic? im gonna have the coating baked on, so I'm trying to figure out if it is plastic. I know its partially metal, but unsure about what the visible exposed piece is made of on the rear where the firing pin goes through and if it even separates from the metal piece with the latch.

    Is the 376 a short action? I know I ordered a new updated reenforced black stock from Jeff and he said it fit in a short action I'm assuming it takes a short action picatinny rail like this?

    Thanks in advance for any help and cant wait to get it all together and going!
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    Welcome to the SteyrClub!

    I don't have the info, so I'll defer to more expertise. Enjoy your rifle, it's a true lust object.

  3. hyena

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    well, i talked to jeff today, and i will answer a couple of my own question...

    last night i removed the trigger group. there is a bolt on top in the bolt track. i took it out with a hex wrench, but according to jeff, it is a torx bolt. it was a little gunked up so i couldnt tell. ill inspect it tonight when i get home and if its damaged, jeff said they could sell me another. it was very loose...maybe like 5 or so inch lbs. it also had some sort of thread lock on it, which didnt take much to break free.

    the other bolt is located underneath and also hold on the plastic mag guide. i believe this one is a hex head and was not very snug at all. maybe 7-8 inch lbs.

    as for torque on the trigger assembly bolts, jeff couldnt find a torque spec. he just said to clean to threads real good, use a dab of blue thread lock, and snug them up.

    also, once the trigger group is removed, the plastic magazine guide slides right out from underneath the bolted on recoil lug without having to actually unbolt the recoil lug, it takes a little effort and wiggling, but will slide out.

    as for the bolt end, i completely forgot to ask him if it was metal or plastic. ill try to send him an email and ask and report back.

    as for the stock, its a short action and the 376 action fits in it perfectly. its the reenforced model and feels much stiffer than the gray stock i took off. the only problem is the barrel is not free floated and it touches most of the way a snug barrel to stock fit. im gonna have the gun ceracoated, so ill just send the whole thing to my smith and have him open up the stock a little while he has it, so its not to big of an issue.
  4. hyena

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    i forgot to mention about the picatinny rail. i guess some of the earlier us model sbs receiver holes were not standardized. you measure between the two middle holes to see what rail will fit. mine is about 61mm between the two center bolts. the only rails i have found are for a 76mm spacing between the two middle holes.

    i abandoned the picatinny rail idea and just ordered a set of talley bases for an a bolt and their rings.