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Steyr SBS tactical questions

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Does anyone own a SBS tactical in a Mcmillan A3 stock? I don't see many in the US. I am curious as to what sort of groups people are getting out of these rifles. I am sure they are worthy rifles and I am considering purchasing one.
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OK thanks for all the help on this one...kidding. I am buying the SBS Tactical rifle.
i have one but not with the mcmillian stock.
What type of ammo have you used for groups and what group sizes do you get at 100 yards? I would imagine that these rifles are sub MOA shooters. I read a review but it was dated 2000...the writer had favorable words for Steyr rifles. I should have my rifle next week.
hate to say it, but i have only sighted the rifle in at 25 yards. have not had the op. to go any further. of course it puts them in the same hole at 25 yds.
I sighted in the rifle...very accurate...I'll probably sell it to a friend...I am consolidating my collection.
Hi, I have SBS Tactical lite in a 308. The gun will shoot a ragged bullet hole at 100 yards with Federal Prem. 165 grain bullets. I'm very happy with mine.
i have at one time owned all of the tactical SBS models.
i could not tell any difference between the MC stocked and the standard HBC. but then i only could test at 200 yards.
the 168 gr. AMAX over 41.5 gr of H4895 produced .49" at 200 w/ a lahti rifle evaluator.
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