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steyr S40 Holster....

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found the awesome fit leather IWB for a S40.. the DeSantis IWB holster model 77 is designed for a subcompact xd .40.. WELL it works Super with the s40 in it.. it is my primary holster now.

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when i purchased my sc xd40 it came with this holster. it says desantis reight on it and also has 77 in a box on it as you can see.. the gentleman i bought it from said it was a custom holster made by desantis specifically for the sc xd 40 3". and it is model 77.. i spoke to Katelynn on the phone. it is called the "INSIDER" model 77.. springfeild XD40 3".. ask about that one.

Also will be contacting their upper echelon about having them become a vendor on our site. As kateLynn seemed to think they would be interested in our site.

And also Welcome to the site. Natureboy.. glad ya made the trek over. :)
1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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