Steyr RFP .22lr

Discussion in 'Other Handguns' started by Dan Poplawski, May 4, 2018.

  1. Dan Poplawski

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    Hard to find a .22lr fun gun that actually works. Had a Walther P22, junk. Have a Sig Mosquito, so-so. Now I discover the Steyr RFP (rim fire pistol), curious if anyone owns one, only one review on YouTube and it seems positive.
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  2. SurfGent

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    I've been interested in this one as well. Havnt really seen any reviews on them except there a license copy of another pistol thats popular in Europe

  3. Donald Silvers

    Donald Silvers New Member

    I just recently bought a new RFP 22 LR and so far I like the way it shoots and it functions well !!
  4. rebel49

    rebel49 Member

    I bought one a few weeks ago. Just got a chance to function test it the 26th. Tried Armscor, Remington bulk thunderbolt, CCI, and Stingers. The armscor were hollow points and I had 3 FTF's, bullet stopped at the top edge of chamber. Armscor is pretty nasty greasy ammo, what ever they lube with, but it ran the other 47 rounds fine. All of the other brands ran without a hiccup. I lubed the gun with Microlon Ultra Blue gun grease same as I do with all my pistols.

    There is just one issue I have with the RFP, the trigger itself is to short, it needs to be about .187" or .250" longer. My finger and everyone else's lands right on the tip of the trigger and that just won't do. Also that area of the trigger once the safety lever is depressed is really sharp. I used a die file to take some of the edge off , but it needs more.

    For my hands the grip is a little to narrow and slippery, I'm used to a 1911 or a M9, M357. I measured the thickness, but I've forgotten what is was now. Anyway and application of .062" rubberized adhesive stair tape helped a lot.

    All in all it's a nice little pistol, functions well, but I still have to take it to paper and see what it will do there. It comes close to M9A1 as far as size, so it would serve as a cheap practice gun and for training others to shoot, one of the main reasons that bought it. Also I didn't have a .22 semi-auto to play with. My dealer cost on it with 2 extra mags was $281.00 from CDNN. Once I get more time to shoot it I'll post more about how it goes.
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  5. Rotorflyr

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    The Steyr RFP supposedly isn't actually made by Steyr, apparently it's made by ISSC and essentially an M22 (which are supposed to be decent enough)

    Other's have pointed out, Steyr would have been better suited just making a conversion kit that fit's the Steyr frames.

    Personally I think your best bet for a .22 pistol is probably going to be a Ruger 22/45 (or Mark IV), one of the Browning Buckmark's, a S&W SW22 Victory (though I've shot an earlier SW22 that only ran well when clean, with CCI Stingers) or a Beretta Neos (buddy of mine recently got one and seems to like it)

    If you want cheap ($140-$190 depending on package) believe it or not the Phoenix Arms HP22a (though you either have to modify the safeties or learn to live with them) has been reliable, reasonably accurate (for what it is) and fun (though you're not supposed to use high velocity ammo in it)
  6. rebel49

    rebel49 Member

    We took the RFP out the 18th of August and gave it a thorough testing. Probably put about 1K rounds thru it with only 4 FTF's. It was lubed with Microlon Ultra Blue and was not relubed until it was cleaned at the end. We used various brands of ammo and the gun ran fine and pretty accurate also. My wifes 22/45 Lite was a jam-o-matic all weekend, no matter what we did. Myself, I'll stick with the RFP. The only I find negative is the face of the trigger, just to darned sharp.