steyr prohunter vs. remington sendero sf II

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    Anybody have any personal comparison experience. Personally I like the prohunter, but I have little experience hunting and shooting. A buddy of mine, has extensive hunting and shooting experience and he shoots a sendero 338 rum, and has many other remingtons. "Dave" used to gunsmith, and recomends actions like the steyr/ruger/sako/tika, yet shoots remingtons with the button extractor?
    Anyone else want to weigh in here?
    Prices are in the same ballpark, but availability for me is the issue. The Steyr's are hard to find other than online, and remingtons are at just about every store in town. (maybe not the sendero, but most can get it)

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    Dano, I shoot prohunters, old-style rugers, and winchesters. I like the steyrs best. No experience with remingtons. The gun rags tout the aluminum reinforced stock on the sendero. The newer steyrs have a black stock that is supposed to be a little stiffer than the old grey stocks. The steyr will probably have a better trigger, although remington triggers are easy for a gunsmith to adjust. It may come down to personal preference-- can you get your hands on a prohunter to compare the fit and feel (assuming your friend will let you play with his remington)? Will it be for hunting or targets? Do you need heavy weight for max stability off a rest in a shooting house, or does it need to be easier to carry and shoot from a treestand? I have a 26" barrel prohunter in 7mm Rem mag for long shots across open areas, and a much shorter lighter prohunter mountain 270 for treestands in the woods. The Sendero would be much more like the 7mm steyr.
    Good luck, and hope you enjoy selecting and using your new rifle. If you do decide to get the steyr, be sure it has the newer black stock-- the newer ones also have an easier bolt lift than the grey-stock models.


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    I prefer the classic Steyrs like the Model L, Model L Varmints, Model M Professional and the LUXUS Guns! I'm not into the new ones.

    Anything after the Gunsouth guns of Trussville,Alabama does not interest me in the least gentlemen.

    Also the Aug doesn't hold a candle to the AR15 as far as versatility and trigger. There are no custom match triggers for an AUG and it's not worth the $4000+ dollars people want for them!

    I'd rather have an original factory FN Paratrooper semi-auto! :D

    I would rather get a Model M Professional(Black Stock) with Double-set triggers in .30-06 and a Model L .308 Manlicher stock(Full Stock) than a Remington,Tikka,or Sako anything! 8)
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    First, there are not many rifles other than Remington chambered in .338 RUM. You need a big rifle like that for the RUM cartridges, the 7mm STW, etc. They are only good for hunting from a stand, or a horse, or driving in and walking a little ways out West and doing a lot of glassing, with the rifle lying on the ground.

    For hunting, and carrying the rifle in your hands, a Steyr Pro Hunter is more practical in calibers from the 7mm Rem Mag and .300 Win Mag on down.
    The Classic and light weight carbines are even more practical for hunting in the woods or mountains, where the rifle is in your hands. Talk to some of the people here about the 20-inch barrel Pro Hunter Mountain in small capacity cartridges like the .308 and 7mm-08. These rifles shoot well, and repeatable accuracy in the field is more important than high velocity.