Steyr Problem / No-problem Poll

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Any problems with your Steyr?

  1. No issues what-so-ever, runs great.

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  2. Several issues, but they self-corrected.

  3. Several issues, but had to send it in and now it is corrected.

  4. Major issues. I would use it as a poor melee weapon.

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  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I see a lot of posts about issues with people's Steyrs. I personally own two, one older M40 with many thousands of rounds (~10,000 now I'd guess) through it (after sending it in once), and a new M40A1 with no problems in now about a thousand rounds.

    I have only shot Federal .40 in multiple weights, and had stovepipes in my first gun.

    I would like to start a poll to start to quantify exactly how many people as a % of Steyr owners actually have any issues, and the ease to correct them. Bear in mind I'm not breaking it down into new v. old model, caliber, etc., so the data is generalized over everyone.

    If you have had problems, please post the type of malfunction and the type of ammo and type of gun and if we get enough data we can run a secondary analysis.
  2. sewerman

    sewerman Premium Member

    malfunction poll

    knock on wood :roll:

    haven't had any mechanical issues with my M-9. :)

    1000 + rds thur her .

    gobbels up anything i feed her! :eek:

    frt. sight nite insert fell out. :( 8-O

    filled in the hole with white paint. :wink:

    don't shoot at nite or during twilight hrs.

    everyone that shoots this gun usually comments in the positive.

    would purchase again! :D

  3. soapyballs

    soapyballs Member

    I own 2 S9's. & an M40, 1000 rounds through each no problems.
  4. mikey

    mikey Guest

    This poll is an excellent idea. Steyr seems to have had a rash of possibly QC-related problems lately, so I’ve been concerned about this, too.

    However, I myself clicked on “no issues.” I have had a few problems that were ammo related (my M40 told me that it doesn’t like long strings of Wolf ammo without cleaning) but I didn’t ding it for that.

    It did, for a while, have an intermittent problem with light primer strikes with S&B ammo (surprisingly, though, it still worked fine with Wolf and Winchester “White Box”). I removed and cleaned the striker, but I didn’t see anything too awful. Later, when I tried a different batch of S&B, they fired just fine. I’m still not sure if it was the minimal amount of crud on the Steyr’s striker that had been causing the problem, or if it was simply a batch of S&B that came with unusually hard primers.

    In any case, I’d unhesitatingly buy another Steyr (I’m really looking forward to checking out the new S40-A1) but I have to agree that they do seem to demand a little Tender Loving Care if you want to keep them happy.
  5. Seven

    Seven Premium Member

    Some minor issues with dirty ammo during the break-in period, but now my S9 runs something close to 100%, so I chose #2 on the poll. But particularly with my carry ammo (124gr +P Gold Dots), I've never had a problem, and trust the weapon implicitly. :D

  6. Gray_Wolf

    Gray_Wolf New Member

    So far I had 5 failured to eject in 150 round of my relaods :?

    50 rounds of WWB and 50 rounds of Remington worked fine. Will try a diffirent powder hopefully it will solve the problem.

    didin't vote in the poll, don't know which one to pick :p
  7. swede413

    swede413 Banned User

    800 rds no problems.
    Ive only done the most basic cleaning after shooting
  8. Well,

    I'm glad folks post their problems up as it helps us all learn a little bit more about our pistols. That said, the MAJORITY of the problems have been traced to bad ammo, faulty mags, dirty guns, or break in problems like erratic ejection.

    I've got a lot rounds through my M40 and haven't had any issues, but I clean it after every range trip and only feed it WWB or CCI Blazer Brass (good ammo that is cheap).

    We see some good posts, but by far and wide folks aren't going to randomly post "HEY STEYR WORKED WELL AGAIN FOR THE UMTEENTH TIME" it is going to be "TROUBLE NEED HELP" type of posts.
  9. theFiasco

    theFiasco Guest

    My M9 had trouble with CMC ammo--no trouble with WWB or Am Eagles.

    The ejection pattern is erratic with a few rounds every session hitting my hat but it only bothers me at the range. In competition (and presumably in a self-defense situation), I never even notice where the shells go.

  10. ScottW

    ScottW Guest

    While I had a bunch of problems shooting Rem UMC, I don't fault the M9 for that. However, I did have to go with choice #2 because I had a bunch of failures to extract and trigger reset malfunctions when the gun was new. Extractor pretty much worked itself out. The trigger reset issue was not going to work out on its own, so I followed bigtaco's tutorial and fixed that one myself. Bottom line, the non-ammo-related problems have either resolved themselves or were easily corrected by me, a "shade tree gunsmith" at best. Total round count on the M9 is now exactly 1703 down the pipe, and I have not had a single malfunction in the last 1200+ rounds. 8)
  11. hedrok

    hedrok Member

    Could't possibly be more pleased with either of the 2 S9s (one still bnib for when I wear the other S9 out) or any of the 3 M9s we have. One minor issue with a safety self engaging and that is the only flaw in all 4 that have a total of 6000? rds. fired (round counters on all 4 are broken). As soon as my new Kramer IWB dead horse gets here, the S will take over every day carry duties and replace a gun costing 3 times as much. I still like the R9 Rohrbaugh for a smaller CCW....but the S9 eats almost anything and spits out holes where I want them every tme without exception. That is the job of a self defense gun, isn't it? Thanks for the opportunity to get all warm and fuzzy about our little companions. It's Fathers' Day and I feel soooo GOOOOD I think I'll go to the range......Bye. :D :lol: :arrow:
  12. Guest

    Guest Guest

    This is primarily why I wanted to start this thread. People complain more readily than they praise it seems.

    As a personal update, shot another 150 rounds in the new M40A1 today and had 1 malfunction that had a live round trying to feed behind the spent casing that did not eject. It was easily cleared without having to take out the magazine.

    I suspect I either "limp-wristing", or, upon inspection at home, it had a lot of crud in the chamber. Looks like I left some oil in there that accumulated some carbon that may have possibly acted as a source of friction preventing proper extraction. I tried about 50 rounds of very rapid fire to repeat this and could not.
  13. madecov

    madecov Active Member

    I didn't vote because my situation doesn't fit a catagory.

    My M40 has about 700 rounds through it with no issues.
    My M40A1 started to have FTE's at about 600 rounds and it got progressivly worse. It's back at the importer for work right now. Consenses is a bad extractor spring.

    I'll update once it's back and I put 2-300 rounds through it without a failure
  14. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I just recently got Sigmund, my M357-A1; put 100 rounds through it & so far no stoppages. Has the M-A1 been thoroughly tortured-tested & fired 100K+ rounds like that other pistol? I used to paraphrase a Beauty & the Beast song: "No one has fun like Gaston, makes guns like Gaston." I hope that's no longer true! :lol:
  15. srfl

    srfl Guest

    I did not vote since my "shooting" Steyrs have split between having had numerous FTE's regardless of load: M357 and HC'd M40, and problem free: S40, M9 (one FTE, but that was in some else's hands), and S9 (has a mag release problem, but no FTE's at all).
  16. Guest

    Guest Guest

    M40 -> Shot 1000+ rounds, mainly Winchester but some Wolf and Federal HydraShok (to make sure it worked when I needed it).

    Never failed to fire or feed. No issues.
  17. mikey

    mikey Guest

    This poll’s been around long enough to (perhaps) draw a few conclusions . . .

    And the one that stands out: 14% of the respondents indicated that their Steyr M-series pistol has had problems severe enough to require a trip back to the factory????

    If Steyr is going to make any headway against market-leader Glock, they need to do more than just make a pistol that feels good and points good. The dammed things have to work.

    Look, I love my M40, but the results of this survey are ugly enough to cause me hesitation in recommending one to somebody else. Even 5% duds from the factory would give me pause, so when I apparently see 14% of Steyr’s pistols showing up on our shores with SERIOUS issues, I have to think that there’s a big-time QC problem back in Austria that Steyr had better start addressing.

    Or, am I overreacting? I know that polls like these aren’t particularly scientific, but still, I can’t help but be alarmed at what I’ve seen here.
  18. Matches

    Matches Guest

    you made no difference between the the old Steyrs and the newer A1's. I would like to see if there are fewere problems with the newer models.

  19. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I don't think there are enough of the new M-A1s in circulation to get a good statistical sample. And I wish I could get an answer to my question of whether it has been torture-tested as much as Glock was... :(
  20. MrApathy

    MrApathy Active Member

    the closest to torture test is what IDPASteyr has done to it ie put 90,000+ rounds through and believe his wifes steyr has just as many.