Steyr Pro Hunter Tech Specs?

Discussion in 'Other Rifles' started by SamTango, Sep 25, 2017.

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    I've searched the forum for a direct comparison between the Pro Hunter/Pro Hunter THB and the SSG 04, and can't seem to find what I'm looking for. When I go to the Steyr Arms website, I'm able to select and view the "Tech Specs" for the SSG series and the Scout series, but they don't post any specs for the Pro Hunter or THB models. This leaves me wondering what the differences are between the Pro Hunter series and the SSG-04 (not the A1).

    There are plenty of obvious external differences such as the barrel length, the features of the stock, the barrel contour, the bolt handle shape, and accessories like muzzle brakes. But aside from these easy to see features, does anyone know if there are any differences in the actual action and barrel? Things like the type of rifling, twist rate, type of steel, bedding, trigger etc?

    Essentially, why is there a $1k price difference between a 20" Pro Hunter THB and a 20" SSG-04 (not A1)? Are there any differences besides the muzzle break, adjustable cheek riser/buttstock, bipod, and magazine extension?

    Thanks for your time!
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    Unfortunately I cannot provide you with the Tech Specs, only some subjective comparison, having owned both. For me the different purpose is really reflected in the design. Just for transparency, I have a 20" Pro Hunter and had a ~24" SSG 04, both in 308.

    The Pro Hunter has a quite thin barrel, meaning that for me after 2 shots the group starts opening up. But is also seems to cool down quite quickly.
    With the SSG 04 I did not have any problem with 5 shot groups, but the barrel is not thick, but definitly thicker.

    The trigger on the Pro Hunter is a hunting trigger, meaning you have some travel and then a nice clean break.
    On the SSG 04 there was noticable less travel and also less resistance to get the shot to break.
    Both triggers seemed non-adjustable.

    Because the SSG 04 is heavier than the Pro Hunter and has a Muzzle Break, it kicks noticeably less. Therefore from the bench the SSG 04 is quicker back on target.

    So if you want to have a rifle to haul around the countryside and then make this one shot on game with maybe one quick follow-up if needed, go with the Pro Hunter (mine is a pure hunting rifle). Otherwise I would recommend the SSG 04.