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I called Steyr today inquiring about the availability of parts. I spoke with
Jack Riddle who was very helpful and said "we" could email him a list of parts and he would be glad to help us out. His email address is

Jack Riddle <[email protected]>

some parts are warranty parts, and need the firearm....
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i would get two of every part except the frame, sub-frame, and barrel. the shipping will be more than any single part so it seems silly to me to order pre-emptive parts in an attempt to guess which one you'll break/lose first only to end up paying $7 shipping on the $3 spring you didn't think you would ever lose.

of course, i would also buy a pallet of toilet paper if i had storage! :roll:
maybe that's just a ME thing.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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