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yesterday there was a great broadcast on DW (Deutsche Welle) about private militiray contractors. Three hardcore german proffesionals from Bodyguard Academy where he mauin heroes. This broadcast was dedictae dto their lifes as a PMC`s. The broadcast was very very good and I really enjoyed watching it. What i noticed was that one of them used Steyr M-9 as his duty weapon. endeed it says much about gun itself, because a professioanl choosed steyr handgun to be with hi in life-death scenarios. there was also a very good footage of training, ambushes and firefights in Iraq. I like those germans, veryy strong persons. nice to see Steyr pistols at work.


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where is Tiflis?????
Tiflis is an old name of Tbilisi, the capital city of Georgia ex-soviet republic which hopes to become next puerto-rico style country :evil:
Hey if I had to go overseas as part of a PMC I'd carry my Steyr M40 its the pistol that I entrust my life too everyday.

Good Find and Interesting Article. Those PMCs are typically former special forces types and know their stuff.

Do you recall the title of the article? Perhaps DW has a transcript on their web site.


I try to search. yesterday I saw this broadcast again.
Journal In Focus. Close Up. Security for a price, German mercenaries in Iraq.

Today at 12:30 german time.
Doesnt' sound like a familiar program.........probably can't get that one here.........
Thanks, Levan,

I'll try to catch the program via satellite.

tried to check it online.. but it just shows the program... hope they have a least some pix on the net! :cry:
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