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Hello chaps,

I just recently ordered a Steyr Pro Tactical 20" Heavy Barrel chambered in .308. I'll be mounting a Bushell Elite Tactical 3-12x44 FFP scope. I've attached a pic of the type of rifle in case you guys have different marketing names as I've seen it called other names on the net.

This is my first Steyr having previously shot Tikkas, Remingtons and Winchesters. I bought the Steyr as I wanted a rifle that I could rely on for pretty much anything and doing anything well. I know the Scout and Elite are advertised for this but I think they may be too much coin for me (at this stage at least).

Anyway's just a few quick questions:

1) Does anyone know the twist rate for the abovementioned rifle?
2) Any recommendations for potential upgrades/mods that would increase a) reliability and b) accuracy
3) Any other tips or things to look out for on this gun

I appreciate any time taken to respond to my newbie questions. Thanks for looking!


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