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Steyr Naming Conventions

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For those of us who are relatively new to Steyrs, can somebody give a run down on the naming conventions. Why an "M" series? ("S" for sub-compact makes sense to me). What would make something an "L"? What other letters have there been? Will there be?

Inquiring minds want to know....

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M designates a Medium frame.

S designates a Small frame.

L would designate a Large frame.
M=Mid frame ,S=Small, L= Large, XS=xtrasmall.
LOL...that's what I get for thinking too much! Doh! #-o
Just to avoid confusion for anyone new, or looking at us for research...

XS and L only exist to us and our photoshoped images at the moment!

even the S is discontinued, and all that are being made now are the new MA1 series.
Glock uses the L designation for it's long slide versions. My buddy has a 17L which is a 9mm pistol with a 6 barrel!! It is super sweet. I don't know how Stery would use it.
Actually I beleive the L series was more than just a thought. It was under active development the first one was going to be the 45
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