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Steyr-Mannlicher sanctioned by U.S. govt.

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Steyr is mentioned on page2 of the article.

The sanctions were imposed under the Iran Nonproliferation Act, which Congress passed in 2000 to deter international support for Iran's nuclear, chemical and biological weapons programs and missile-delivery systems.
I fail to see how selling rifles supports nuclear, chemical and biological weapons programs.

However, it doesn't look like it'll directly affect us.

The penalties, which will last until December 2007, bar the companies from doing business with the U.S. government and prohibit U.S. firms from obtaining export licenses to sell sensitive products to these companies. The details of the transfers to Iran were not disclosed.
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It's all politics-- it's easy to whip up on an Austrian company that doesn't do much business in the US-- none of the big boys will be hurt by this. Maybe they got word that the Ayatollahs plan to use AUGs to arm the guards at the WMD sites. I know my mind has been fuzzed by time and the abuses of a misspent youth, but isn't this Congress run by the same party that made a hero of a President who illegally sold arms to Iran? You kiddies in diapers could Google "Iran-Contra" for some insight into how the world works. I hope this doesn't put a damper on Steyr's timid re-entry into the US civilian market. Hey, does that ban on Norinco mean no more bargain-basement SKS imports? :wink:
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