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Steyr M9 with IGB Threaded Barrel

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***EDIT: Follow up to this thread is here: ... pic&t=1618


Barrel just arrived this afternoon from Marc @ MDW Guns. It was made to order, so it's taken a few weeks to arrive from Austria. The nice thing is...the finish is applied to the threads (versus rethreading something like the Beretta 92FS or an extended barrel). The finished product looks great.

I will take some pictures with the whole setup soon.

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The heck with that! I want to see it with the CAN screwed on! :)
yeah really! let's see some suppresor action !!!!!

maybe mark could do a total rebarrel kit complete with can and class three permit. id' be all about that!!!
What's it take to get a class 3 license?

Can pictures coming soon.

ClassIII largely depends on what your county/state regulations are. MD is pretty "friendly" with suppressors as it all goes through the State Police (takes about a month for the background check).

Beyond that, it's a $200 tax to the BATFE and about 90 days waiting period.
How much did it run you? Are these custom done?

I ask because I'm still hoping to find someone who can make an affordable restrictor setup for firing blanks in my M40...
Hey FD,
I saw your thread requesting that a while back. With European gun laws the way they are, I imagine they would be able to entertain what you need.

I bought through Marc @ MDWGuns(.com). I'm sure he can order you anything as these barrels are machined-to-order. is the Austrian catalog.
Nice IGB barrel!

Is your original M9 barrel for sale? I am looking for one to put into my S9 and have it threaded. Please let me know.
Is it just me or does the IGB Barrel not have as nice a finish as the stock Steyr?
Hey Ikor - I actually just purchased an S9, and will see if the M9 barrel works in it threaded. :)

The finish on the IGB barrel is rougher, yes. They don't do as much finishing work to it, though it is cut "better" in my opinion, in terms of aiding in brass ejection.
hope you wouldnt mind me asking how much that threaded barrel cost you. Thanks. :)
Almost as much as the Steyr :lol: - $265 shipped if I recall correctly.

In following up with this thread - the barrel does require slight fitting. A tiny bit of grinding on the top of the barrel where it meets the front of the slide opening.
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