Steyr M9 stovepipe, kaboom, etc... range report!

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    I have experienced all my worries and paranoia about my gun, KaBoom, FTEs, FTFs… ! Luckily it was just a dream. I had this nightmare the night before going to the range and twas bad.

    As I have been paranoid on what will be the performance of my Steyr and its consequences in case of failures arising... no parts etc.

    Called up an LEO friend of mine and ask him to assist me and arrange a set at the range to break in my new M9 [its still new though it has been with me for months but I havent fired it yet], he agreed and brought my daughter with me at the range.

    It was cleaned, lubed, etc... as I learned to do those stuffs from here.

    Now my range report, finally!

    Guess what, my FIRST bullet was a bull’s-eye!

    But the second shot was about five inches away and the third is trying to group with the second shot hole. I had groupings five to seven inches away from my intended target bout 50 to 60 degrees down!... that was the first 14 rounds BUT that was history. [I knew at that time somebody was laughing and I could feel my face blushing to the embarrassment... was the gun too bad or what, Lord I got a poor performer here! I should have bought something else other than the Steyr! Wished that I bought a glock instead!]

    I learned that as I anticipate for the recoil, what I do is flip down the pistol when I was almost about to pull the trigger or when the load is just about to go. My friend said that I have to breath properly and just shoot it, dont anticipate, let go of the whole process... just pull the trigger without thinking of any recoil. And, that just what I did.

    What I can say now, based on my own experience is that the pistol is an MARKMAN's pistol! It just hits where you point it! It is ACCURATE! I had GROUPINGS OF ONE [1] INCH at TEN [10] YARDS AND SEVERAL HOLEs IN ONE! but of course when the anticipation of the recoil comes back in my mind then you can just expect that it is again about few inches lower off.

    For those who just came in at the range and saw my shots... commented, as I overheard one of the guys said,... "... the guy is a sharpshooter! [luckily they didn’t see my first 30 minutes at the range!]

    Love my Steyr and will keep it!


    I had no problem with it. No jams, no FTEs, none of those experience in my first day at the range.

    Distance: 7-10 yards
    Ammo: 100 pcs factory ammo 124 grain FMJ

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    Congatulations. I thought you had a KB when I saw the title. Glad your happy and getting used to the Steyr

  3. hiramabiff

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    My second 100 rnd session with it was far better. Never had groupings below my intended target, I had some strays but definitely not because of the pistol. It could just be my thoughts thats killing the shot... needs to practice to get use to recoils and the trigger. Hoping that I can join some IDPAs this November or December if workload allows... :wink:

    Faith should never be blind faith and now you can say that your faith in your Steyr isn't blind. Keep shooting and you'll find your confidence in both the weapon and your ability continue to rise. The Steyr is a beautiful weapon because it just sits in your hand obeying your will to place the rounds right where you want them. The natural point the Steyr brings a shooter makes the pistol an extention of your arm...point at the target, pull the trigger and the Steyr will take care of the rest, or so it would seem. lol

    I call my M-40 "Mr. Steyr" because I have built a relationship of mutual respect between us. The more you shoot with the Steyr the greater your faith in both yourself and the pistol becomes. I seriously believe that a calm shooter with the utmost faith in his weapon can accomplish anything on any range.
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    I sent another 200+ downrange Saturday night for a grand total of over 1000+ rounds and have not had ANY problems. Others have shot it and no one can get it to fail. This is the M9 and I have yet to have any brass come back at my face.
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    I dont want to use this forum to degrade glock but actually somebody tried my M9 at the range, he has two glocks with him during that time, and said that the Steyr is fantastic and shoots better [he asked so many questions about it and I replied as if I built the pistol! I think he's getting one for himself! :wink: As on his first shot, just like mine, got a bull except hes got two [I hated him for that... that's my baby! Is this guy trying to teach me how to use my own gun?! LOL] He was pretty impressed with it! :wink:

    Im only 5'6 but I left the range taller than anybody else, so proud of my M9! :wink: