Steyr M9 rear sight problem

Discussion in 'M, C, L and S Series' started by Guest, Dec 18, 2006.

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    There is a slight gap between the rear edge of the rear sight and the receiver. As a result I have to compensate (down I think) when I shoot. I took it to Bass Pro Shop and the gunsmith said nothing could be done.
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    the rear sight rides in a dovetail.

    the angle of the dove tail in the slide and in the sight determine the gap.

    you need a little gap. otherwise, when the sight is pushed in, it would scratch the slide.
    the gunsmith was right in that the only way to change anything would be to replace the rear sight. any attempt to re-cut the dovetail would ruin the slide.

    i really can't recall anyone posting about low/high accuracy problems.

    i would say keep shooting it, let other people shoot, use a variety of ammo and keep some basic notes.

    this assumes you're aligning the tip of the triangle with the top of the trapezoid.

    what ammo and what ranges?

    if it consistently shoots low or high or whatever contact steyr.

    keep us posted

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    What are you using as a point of aim?
    If I remember correctly The Trap sights are not a 6:00 hold. You place the center of the sight right where you want the bullet to go.
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    I would not assume that the Steyr is not a 6 o'clock point of aim pistol. I would bench rest shoot the pistol using both 6 o'clock point of aim and center mass point of aim to check for myself (process of illimination).
    I can't recall how many times I read that this certain pistol aims this specific way, only to find after a range test that it didn't. Happy New Year!

    Take Care and God Bless, :)