Steyr M9 range report and other stuff.

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    I have always been intrigued by the Steyr M/S pistols and truthfully their prices. After reading more on them on GT I decided that I would like to try one out. This Monday at my FFL I saw a M9 in his case marked $260 so I decided to take the plunge. I figured that if I did not like it I could sell it at minimal to no loss.

    I purchased a used Steyr M9 9mm with one magazine the box, papers, patch and keys for $280 out the door. I was impressed with the feel of the gun in my hand and a bit put off by the balance, as I am used to all metal pistols. Initial feeling of trepidation set in as I tried to locate accessories for my new toy. I tried to distract my self by detail stripping the gun according to this great forum and Cort’s excellent site and give it a thorough cleaning. Thanks to the thread at GT, I sent off for some of standard cap magazines from OnPoint Firearms in FL. My trepidation was assuaged by the finding that, in leather at least, the XD holster fits the M9 quite well. I gathered up a box of Blazer, one of WWB and a box of Blazer Brass and headed to the range. I was immediately impressed by the trigger, by far the best in a polymer framed gun yet, and the sights. The sights were not made for target shooting and this showed, however six inch groups offhand is good enough for a combat gun. The gun performed very well and shot better that I did. I did have one FTE on the WWB, causing a double feed malfunction. No other problems occurred in the ammo that I brought or with the range ammo, American Eagle, about 10 rounds.

    For comparison I rented a XD40, a Sigarms P239, and a Kel-Tec P-11. This combination may seem strange to you, but they were the guns in the rental case I have not fired before and have thought of buying. The XD was not bad, high bore axis, trigger better than the Glocks, but worse than the Steyrs. Good sight and ergonomics, felt much larger than the M9. The Sigarms was a good gun with a long trigger, I have never liked the Sig trigger, and this was no exception. The Bore axis was also on the high side. The Kel-Tec was a nice, light, small 9mm that I wanted to love. The first pull of the trigger changed all that. I must say that the trigger is the longest I have ever encountered, even longer than my Taurus 650 CIA. I tried to get all the way through a box of ammo but just could not put myself through that kind of abuse from a 9mm. I still want to like this pistol, even going through excuses in my mind for it. I just think that a 357 snub is a better long trigger, hand hurting pocket blaster.

    Bottom line is that I have a keeper. Now I need an S9 to compliment it, and an adaptor rail for a light, some more mags…..
  2. Looks like you got alot of bang for your buck. I think one of the greatest things about the Steyr M-series is not just the awesome trigger and ergonomics, but the price. Can't beat the deal you got on that pistol and I think you'll be pretty darn happy with it.

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    Congratulations and welcome to the "club" .

    There are plenty of leather holsters out there for the M series when your ready.

    I find the M series to be perfect size for duty or carry. larger than a Glock 19/23 but smaller than a 17/22.

    I have the IGB light rail and I am waiting on a Laser Devices Las-Tac II to be delivered.

    Once I can qualify with my M40 it will be my primary duty gun. At the current prices the Steyr M is probably the best handgun deal available. Dollar for Dollar it is the finest gun available today, I also shot my new Walther today, it was also a CDNN close out and though a great gun it is not as nice as the Steyr and was also about $100.00 additional.[/i]
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    great report. Thanks.
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    congrats and enjoy :D